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Resistance bands for abdominal workout?

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TotalConfucius Thu 12-May-16 10:35:04

I am an apple shape and carrying about 1.5stone too much. Recently lost half a stone and this is ongoing. Really happy about my diet, enjoying my food and have fallen into a nice routine of cardio and interval training. Losing only about 1lb a week but that's ok! Slowly but surely. But whilst the diet and exercise are working from the outside in, I'd like to do a little work from the inside out, so to speak - so that as the fat slowly disappears, there might be a slightest trace of abdominals to see! I've lost 4inches round the middle over the last couple of months, but have another 4 to go. I once had muscles and on my upper arms and thighs they are swiftly returning, but my lower trunk has a long way to go.
I have a set of resistance bands. Can anyone recommend a YouTube video or other resource with an appropriate set of exercises I could do at home?

I'm sitting in on this one, I have been googling your thread header all week. Just put a routine together off you tube but I'm struggling, much prefer exercise bike, skipping , swimming and weights, can I linger please op? (friendly wavegrin)

TotalConfucius Thu 12-May-16 19:32:36

Well we're not getting much help are we!
I've tried some YouTube videos this evening, I'm not really 'feeling it' yet. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to put together a bit of a mash-up of several exercises with my own little warm up and cool down. I'm on a limited budget at the moment so no gym membership and can only afford two Aqua classes a week.
It's so annoying - my upper arms and thighs are totally back in shape now, just these abs to sort out!

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