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Newly pregnant - exercise advice needed!

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nervoussam Mon 09-May-16 09:40:46

Hi Everyone, hoping for some mummy gym-bunny advice! I go 4/5 times a week and do a mixture of Les Mills classes, spinning, weight training, Hiit/circuit classes.
I've just found out I'm pregnant and want to know what's safe for me to do! I know its good to keep exercising and want to continue to do so but at the right level (and to avoid me putting on 10 stone and becoming unhealthy).
I've read things like, don't be on your back for more than 5-10 mins and not at all after the first trimester. Not overheating, being able to hold a conversation whilst working out etc.

What would be your advice please?

Thanks in advance!!!

RunnerOnTheRun Mon 09-May-16 14:09:33

Hi and congrats!

I carried on while I was pregnant because I had previously had Gestational Diabetes, (don't ask!)....managed to avoid it during the pregnancy I exercised and ate better. I told the instructor on the quiet that I was pregnant and we made out I had a back injury so had to take it easy for some of the moves. I didn't make any alterations until around 12 weeks though, I carried on running until 20 weeks. You can do whatever you already do, but the recommendation is nothing new and nothing heavier/longer.

I didn't gain much weight at all, the usual water retention and maybe 3/4 of a stone to actual weight to lose afterwards (hard to judge but let's say after 6 weeks post birth all the water/fluids have departed - that's when I weighed in and was pleasantly surprised!)

MrsMook Mon 09-May-16 18:38:21

Generally your body will be your guide.
Tell your instructor, however some are more clued up than others- I have cringed seeing a lady easily 5-6 months pregnant leaping around as normal at Zumba doing wide leg squats (which isn't great for the pelvis as elasticity increases) and putting herself in positions that easily lead to going light headed.

Avoid too much pressure on the abdomen e.g. crunch type moves- they can increase separation of the muscles.

There's a lady still going to my circuits class, she and the instructor are sensible and just swapping higher risk movements and working with how she feels.

The main risks are injury as your ligaments, and going lightheaded as there's more pressure on your circulation. Runners tend to slow down and keep an eye on their heart rate.

mumwhoruns Tue 10-May-16 08:45:14

Congrats!! If you exercised pre preg you can carry on - basically Don't start anything new now that your body not used to. Yes yes to not getting too hot, particularly first tri. Swap crunches for planks.
Avoid lying on back after about 16 weeks.
Swimming and yoga great. Swimming also great if baby ends up back to back as breaststroke position encourages can't to turn around. Cardio and weights ok too as long as you mind your back and take heed of above. Running fine too. I was too ill first tri but got back to it second tri and 'ran' until 8.5 months.

nervoussam Tue 10-May-16 11:03:09

That's great, thanks everyone, I feel more confident about hitting the gym tonight now!

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