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running gear

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goodenoughal Fri 06-May-16 14:58:49

I'm sure I post a similar post every year but...

I'm after recommendations for warm weather running gear.

Can anyone recommend really lightweight/thin running socks? My feet get so hot when running in anything vaguely like warm weather.

Also, has anyone got or ever seen women's running shorts that aren't clingy and lycra-y? But that aren't really short. Basically like men's running shorts but for women? I suppose I could just get men's shorts, but I imagine they're not very generous in the bum/hip department.

Thank you!

goodenoughal Fri 06-May-16 18:07:54

Anyone? Bump...

YeOldeTrout Fri 06-May-16 18:46:48

I wonder if some youth football shorts would do. How generous is your bum requirement don't answer. I bet the football shorts come in generous waist sizes.

YeOldeTrout Fri 06-May-16 18:53:55

still too short?

I wonder who the people are who buy the supershort shorts. I haven't dared wear anything like that since I was 12.


Just go into nearest SD shop & browse, I might have to, as well!.

goodenoughal Fri 06-May-16 20:04:23

Thank you Trout. I know what you mean about the short ones - you have to have very nice legs for those to look anything like good.

I might have to brave SD - for all sorts of reasons, I hate them but it might at least give me some ideas.

BikeRunSki Fri 06-May-16 20:07:58

I have some New Balance socks and Reebok shirts which are what you describe. The socks are pretty recent, but the shorts are probably 10 years old. Running gear is so vulnerable to fashion!

BikeRunSki Fri 06-May-16 20:08:32

Reebok shorts not shirts.

TrainBridge Fri 06-May-16 20:11:26

I bought trail shorts which have lycra underneath but a looser bit on top. Haven't tried them yet (not been warm enough) but might be worth a Google.

goodenoughal Fri 06-May-16 23:33:39

Thank you. I'll check all those suggestions out. Trail shorts look like they might be a possibility.

What are the socks, Bike?

lljkk Sat 07-May-16 10:43:51

I'm googling for 'trail shorts' and they are all stupidly short too unless you eliminate "ladies" styles. There was a thread recently about dire selection in women's sport clothes. Size 10 but what you want, OP?

What about these? For that price, maybe worth a punt?

Apparently other people always need tight lycra to prevent chaffing. I think I'm going to browse charity shops to see what I can find. You could also try this filter on Ebay, and focus on used items, to see if something useful comes up.

running shorts -sexy -women -briefs -yoga -hot -ladies -pants -trunks

BikeRunSki Sat 07-May-16 16:07:43

I think these are my socks goodenoughgirl

BikeRunSki Sat 07-May-16 16:08:44

I hated my trail shorts. The Lycra legs rolled up and chafed at the cuffs.

MrsMook Sat 07-May-16 18:35:27

Would a skort with built in shorts be an option?

I've got one from decathlon, that although it's short, it's more flattering than shorts of the same length.

lljkk Sat 07-May-16 19:02:34

I found several pairs of ridiculously skimpy "women's" running shorts in charity shops today (only 2 visited). £25 to save right there. Plus some men's active shorts that suit me fine and many other pairs of men's activity shorts in a wide range of sizes. Definitely good hunting ground for wide selection.

It's so strange about the men's shorts. They have... several useful deep pockets! They descend more than 3mm below the bum. And adjustable waistbands. How bizarrely practical... grin

goodenoughal Sun 08-May-16 21:04:09

Thank you everyone!

Yes, lljkk, it's strange how practical men's shorts are, isn't it!?

TrainBridge Mon 09-May-16 09:29:14

Just ran in my trail shorts and they were ok but slight pants problems. Maybe they're meant to be worn without? Anyway, they didn't roll up or rub, and they were much cooler than 3/4 leggings.

lljkk Mon 09-May-16 09:57:00

without pants? Wow, talk about leaving nothing to the imagination!

Are Thongs still in style? Maybe meant for those.

TrainBridge Mon 09-May-16 10:48:23

I did wear pants but they weren't comfy and so I wondered if they were meant to be worn with that type of short. The inner bit has a gusset, so maybe the idea is not to? I feel that may be a step too far, though.

lljkk Mon 09-May-16 19:28:08

did you have chafing, Trainbridge? I've just been reading all about runner's chafe. I've never had it, but sounds like the ridiculous skimpy shorts would give it to me, esp. with pants.

TrainBridge Mon 09-May-16 22:20:08

No chafing. Was fairly comfy, though not the best look as the brightly coloured Lycra bits stayed lower and the flappy shorts bit rose up. Maybe the skort would have better, but these were massively reduced so I thought I'd try them.

lastqueenofscotland Mon 09-May-16 22:42:52

Nike have baggy shorts that aren't super duper short for women. Come in snazzy colours or black too

lljkk Mon 09-May-16 23:42:13

Link? @Lastqueen. I can't find any Nike ones that aren't still very short (compared to items marketed at men).

bibblebobblebubble Tue 10-May-16 21:34:51

Bump - particularly interested in finding sports pants... (browsed amazon and a couple of sports shops and utterly uninspired)

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