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anna38anna Tue 03-May-16 22:09:55

Hi all,
I'm not sure that what I'm looking for even exists. Since starting a new business last year, my window of opportunity for exercise is now 6-7am, and I can't leave home at this time as the children are still asleep. I've done practically nothing for 6 months and really need a kick start. In the past I've really enjoyed the boot camp atmosphere and motivation (Circuit Factory, for example) and I've also had phases of doing well with exercise DVDs at home. So I'd love to combine the two, in some sort of virtual boot camp, where there are not just workouts supplied, but a community of people signing on at the same time as I am, with targets, and ideally some kind of interaction over a period of 4-12 weeks, private FB group or something. The target market is probably busy parents and professionals who travel a lot. I'm happy to buy a couple of bits of kit (only have hand-weights).

Has anyone come across anything like this?

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