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Is there a newbies chat/support thread

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colacoka Tue 03-May-16 15:04:40

For people just getting into doing some exercise? I know there's all the ones for people doing various programmes but I was thinking a more casual kind of thing, a bit like the princessing ones over in S&B, just discussing progress and doing our own things at our own pace while cheering each other on. I had a look but couldn't see anything in here, so if anyone would like to start one we can do smile

I haven't done much exercise at all really since leaving school blush, short of walking the dog and walking everywhere since I don't drive (so just walking then!), so this is partially to get healthier but if I'm totally honest I was in some changing rooms the other day with 360 degree mirrors and was slightly horrified by what I saw!! I'm not actually looking to loose weight, I don't know what I weigh but judging by height and clothes size/measurements I'm sure I'm a healthy weight but my shape has drastically changed since having a baby and I need to tone up.

So I'm running with the dog 3 times a week (not started yet as I'm waiting on some new trainers but once we've started that I'll have made my bed, I know she'll love it and never let me stop!), and also doing this reasonably short and straightforward workout daily that I found on the nhs website. Hope it's alright to include a link? It's also got links to warm up exercises and stretches to do after.

Anyway.. Hoping someone would like to join me after typing all that, or point me in the direction of an existing thread if I've just missed it and there is one after all!

colacoka Tue 03-May-16 18:22:46

Hope it's alright to give this a little bump in case anyone this evening sees it in active that didn't earlier smile

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