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Exercising with Prolapse

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Ujjayi Sun 01-May-16 18:29:25

I've been diagnosed with both anterior & posterior prolapse. I have always been fit & active (daily workouts, a mixture of disciplines - running, strength & toning, cardio, yoga and ballet). I have had advice from 2 gynae-specialist physios and it has been somewhat contradictory. For example, the first one told me no yoga but I was fine to continue with my ballet class (this is advanced ballet at a professional level) which seems insane to me as I would estimate I use my core far more in ballet than in yoga. The second told me to just get on with life as I always had but to avoid intense core work. What I find confusing about this is that I use my core throughout any exercise I do so how is it possible to avoid core work?

Overall, their advice, together with info I've found online is just confusing & depressing me to the point that I don't actually know what I can safely do. I'd be interested to hear from any other MNers who also have this condition and continue to lead active lifestyles.

Flutterbywings Wed 04-May-16 20:18:46

I wish you had some more replies to this! I have a mild posterior prolapse too but unlike you I'm not particularly active and am trying to rectify that but I am so confused what is OK to do! The continence nurse told me Pilates would be good for me to do so I went and it really aggravated my symptoms I could tell immediately it is putting downward pressure on my pelvic floor and no good for me. There is so much contradictory advice out there, I hope you get more replies that help more

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