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Best way to tone up after having children?

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InsaneDame Thu 21-Apr-16 18:39:07

Just that really! I'm not over weight but have a bit of a flabby belly after having two kids. I'm open to anything other than gym or swimming. Any particular exercise classes/DVD workouts recommended? I'm new to 'proper' exercise by the way.

adagio Thu 21-Apr-16 19:08:54

I'm only 10 weeks post baby number 2 so not sure this will work! I'm doing x trainer 3 times a week (its bin the garage so whenever I manage to get the baby settled and the 3 year old in nursery or bed) plus Pilates- the Pilates class is run by the post natal physios at hospital and you can take your baby which is handy. It's only for up to 16 weeks though.

There are plenty of post natal Pilates classes on you tube which I intend to try (but haven't got round to yet!)

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