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Best exercise for weight loss

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Arkengarthdale Wed 20-Apr-16 15:14:56

I'm sure this has been done to death and I'm very sorry to repeat, but I'm new on this thread and simply do not have time today to search through.

I'm four stone overweight and have recently started LighterLife as I am a month away from a beach holiday of a lifetime. Yes, yes, I should have started eight months ago and lost the weight slowly and steadily but I didn't, so I have to lose it quickly. I've already lost 10 or so pounds so that is great.

However, I need to tone up and accelerate the weight loss so need to exercise. My question is which is the best exercise for both weight loss and toning? I have two Jillian Michaels DVDs (30 day shred and Ripped in 30 - which is better?) and also a Kettlebell (Kettlercise) DVD. Do any of you kind people know which would give the fastest results toning and weight loss? I fancy doing a C25K as well, although I am very self-conscious running outside (and crap at it being so heavy and old). I find swimming easy but my long hair hates it.

My biggest problem area is my stomach and torso. I'm fat all over but my middle section is hideous. I long for a waist and flat stomach so any advice on best exercise for this yukky area most welcome!

Many thanks in advance grin

salsamad Wed 20-Apr-16 15:56:06

Congratulations on your weight loss so far.
Firstly make sure you are fit/well enough to undertake any strenuous activity i.e visit your GP and have your BP and pulse checked.
I'd suggest you start off with slightly more gentle activity e.g. lane swimming (your hair will just have to put up with it for a few wks wink), fast walking then jogging outside (listen to music on your iPod a as you walk) and build up your stamina - you don't want to injure yourself as you are starting out.
As you get fitter you can go from fast walking to jogging to running. (Try a week of walking then a week of walking/jogging, then a week of jogging, then a week of jogging/running). Have a routine if you can - walk/jog on Mon, Wed & Fri for 30-45 mins, swim on Tues &Thurs for 30-45 mins, also try and fit in a suitable fitness class (or do your DVDs). Beginners yoga is excellent, as are Hips, bums and Tums classes - as you loose the weight you will need to try and tone up. Its worth spending some money on a class and swimming to tone up where you are loosing the weight so your muscle/skin doesn't go saggy. By alternating the different types of activity you are doing you will be exercising/toning different muscle groups.
I personally wouldn't do DVDs at home as you can all to easily skip bits but if you prefer that then choose one that is achievable and works for you. Good luck.

Arkengarthdale Wed 20-Apr-16 16:08:31

Thank you salsamad for your wise words. I have been pretty fit in the past but after a long depressive illness I'm really out of shape. Blood pressure spot on and having just had a complete health check I know there are no underlying problems (apart from the weight). I am a bit worried about saggy skin - will the exercise help to mitigate this? Thanks again for response.

areyoubeingserviced Wed 20-Apr-16 16:11:49

Walking, weights and Callanetics.
I have a pretty toned body through doing these exercises.

Arkengarthdale Wed 20-Apr-16 16:25:09

Ah Callanetics! Forgot about that one. I'll dig out my book. Thanks!

salsamad Wed 20-Apr-16 16:41:00

I think as long as you mix up your exercise routine so it's got cardio vascular eg jogging and/or spin/step class or Zumba and includes toning eg hips/tums and/or yoga and/or swimming you should be fine. You will be in your bikini on that beach holiday looking lovely. smile

Arkengarthdale Thu 21-Apr-16 11:39:25

Lovely is pushing it but thanks grin

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