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exercise to do at home?

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NettleFarseer Sun 17-Apr-16 13:04:07

Am currently a SAHM to 3 dc under 6. Am currently a size 12 but 3 pregnancies have taken their toll on my body and I'm very 'wobbly'blush

Can anyone recommend any exercises I can do from home with a hyper toddler?

I already do a lot of walking with the dogs and getting the Dc to school|activities,so I'm looking for something that would 'tone' me up...I am currently large of arse and look 6 months pregnant angry...also got bingo-wingssad


Wolfiefan Sun 17-Apr-16 13:05:10

Shred? Short and gets results.

NettleFarseer Sun 17-Apr-16 13:11:15

Do the results last though?iyswim

caitlinohara Wed 20-Apr-16 11:11:05

How long would you have per day to work out?
Check out Beachbody DVDs - T25, Insanity Max 30, 22 Min Hard Corps, P90X3 are all 30 mins or less and Beachbody do a good money back guarantee on them if you are not happy with the results or if they are not for you. There is a good Beachbody thread on here for advice if you need it.

Results won't last long with anything if you don't keep at it! If you want to get fit and toned it does really need to become 'what you do' rather than a quick fix and then leave it. I have learned this the hard way by taking the winter 'off'!

NettleFarseer Wed 20-Apr-16 13:06:14

I've ordered 30 day shred and will look at the others you've mentioned.

I'm not after a quick fix....but more a lifestyle change iyswim?

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