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Exercise/workouts between runs

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taybert Sun 17-Apr-16 11:05:36

I started running again in January after a break for about 18 months having had my second baby. I only got in to running after having my first and doing couch to 5k so I've never been what I would call a "proper" runner. On New Years Day I ran 3k and was pretty knackered and about 3 weeks ago I ran 10k for the first time so I'm pretty pleased with my progress. The thing is, apart from quad exercises (to help slightly dodgy knee) I'm only doing the runs. I go out three times a week, two short and one longer run but I'm just wondering what I should do in between. The gym wouldn't really work for me and I'd probably be doing the exercise whilst looking after the boys so a DVD of preferably short work outs would be ideal.

Any suggestions?

lljkk Sun 17-Apr-16 13:19:52

7 minute workout? check out the short workouts on Youtube, maybe.

ShowOfHands Sun 17-Apr-16 13:23:50

I'd try and do something which builds some resistance work in. A bit of strength training and building some muscle tone would mean that your runs would be a more effective workout too because you're working bigger, better, more efficient muscle whilst running.

There are plenty of short DVDs. Davina's three most recent ones are quick. You could get some free weights and try a website like fitness blender where you can tailor what you want, how hard you want it to be and how long you want to work for.

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