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Run streak

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Sandyclaus Sun 17-Apr-16 10:18:07

Has anyone one tree a run streak ? And if so did it help with motivation ? I have been seriously demotivated about running in the last 3 months due to chest infection and then a knee injury but read about this this week and thought would give it ago as you can focus on short distances / quick runs whilst building the habit of running every day.

Started yesterday with a 5k and just did a mile this morning as knee was a bit sore but interested to see if others have done it and any tips they can share ?

Gingerbics Fri 29-Apr-16 21:32:53

Hi Sandy I did a December run streak, decided to do 2k minimum each day so more doable. It was a hassle but felt fitter and more toned than I'd done in ages ( I'm v flabby!!). I signed up for a virtual run so got a medal when I completed it.
Sign up to the Facebook groups Run Mummy Run and Virtual Runner for inspiration and bling!

Sandyclaus Mon 02-May-16 11:06:26

Thanks Ginger ! I've just had a look at the virtual runner website and will sign up for a race. Did a streak of 5 days which re-motivated and re-energised me - now part way through a streak of 10 days.

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