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Does anyone here use the Moov activity tracker?

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FishWithABicycle Sun 17-Apr-16 09:05:22

I've been wearing a Moov for a few weeks and it's been helpful getting me more active.

If you have one, how reliable do you think the estimated calories burned is? On a sedentary day with minimal exercise it reckons I have burned about 2000 calories but on an active day (not with exercise as such, just something like going to the zoo with a 6yo) it claims I burn over 3000 calories. I know theoretically that as I am quite overweight (bmi around 31 or 32) I use more energy moving my bulk around than a slim person would but such a huge effect seems unlikely. I'd like to know whether Moov users with a heathier bmi see similar figures for calorie use and whether the numbers seem realistic to you?

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