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Gym joining....

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Verbena37 Thu 14-Apr-16 16:59:28

I'm on the brink of joining my local gym (not a chain company, just ran by two local guys) but I'm about three stone overweight with big thighs and I'm petrified there'll be loads of up yummy mummies there staring at me!

How can I convince myself not to put it off any longer?
I try to eat healthily, although portion control and cereal for supper are my main problem areas 😀 So I'm 100% certain it's my total lack of proper exercise that's keeping me fat.

Anyone else been like this and then gone for it.....and not looked back?
What do I wear? I currently have long black yoga pants type thing with a stripe down the side. Do I need more fitted bottoms.....mid calf etc?

Perfectlypurple Thu 14-Apr-16 17:07:57

I joined a gym years ago and lost around 5 stone. Once I started I was fine and I was by no means the biggest, unfortunately I have let things go and need to get back to it. Have been googling my local gyms today to see which one I want to try. I moved away from where my old one was. I am desperate to get back to it.

I am planning on going up to the gym I think I want to join in the next week. Why don't you do the same and we can check back in on here to say we have done it.

Verbena37 Thu 14-Apr-16 17:34:58

5 stone is amazing!
I used to be so fit at school .....did athletics, netball and trampolining but I've just got more and more sluggish the older I've got (late 30's) and I think that if I don't get into it now, I'll never be fit and toned.
Yes, ok. Will go next week and sign up and book the induction....then post back to say I've done it.

Perfectlypurple Thu 14-Apr-16 17:51:07

I think we are going to go up on Monday or tuesday

Toffeelatteplease Thu 14-Apr-16 17:53:55

Calorie control to lose weight, gym to get healthy. Gym helps but as the saying goes you can't outrun a bad diet.

I joined the gym in January and started eating properly (my fitness pal is fab) at the same time. I've lost around 2 stone (with one calorific weeks holiday in the middle), i dont know exactly because i didnt weigh myself at the start. I started somewhere larger than a size 18 and now fit some size 14s. It's been incredible watching my body change. If you can make that commitment do it.

For me I find tight gym clothes are easier to exercise in and in decent wicking fabrics. I kinda went the other way about feeling self conscious. If I had to look ridiculous in gym gear I would jolly well find the most colourful outrageous gym top I could find. Funnily enough I've kinda grown into it in both confidence and appearance. It's made the changes to my body more obvious, (which has been motivating) and it's gone from looking ridiculously tight and bumpy to beginning to look on the big side.

Best of luck! It really can make a difference flowers

GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Thu 14-Apr-16 18:02:38

As it's a local gym, check and see if they'll give you a taster session. Different gyms have different vibes, some will be all about the Grunts that stand in a corner, lift 3 huge weights and then compare biceps, others will have the colour coordinated yummy mummy brigade and somewhere there's the gym that suits you; makes you feel comfortable, encourages you and has great instructors. I love the gym I go to but went to a few rubbish gyms/classes before I found what I liked. Remember too that everyone has to start somewhere and be the new kid, so when you become an old hand always be friendly to other new starts. Good luck!

Perfectlypurple Thu 14-Apr-16 18:05:55

toffee I use mfp too but if I am exercising I tend to stick to it so I do need to do the exercise to eat right really. I hope that I can get back to my full running again. At my peak I could run for 45 minutes without stopping, now I struggle with 45 seconds 😂

bialystockandbloom Thu 14-Apr-16 18:46:35

Definitely wear tighter clothes, loose ones are horrid when exercising and sweaty. Especially bottoms - I really like the Capri legging type ones. Definitely not yoga pants!

Don't worry at all about size - there's all sorts at every gym. Good for you for going!

Verbena37 Thu 14-Apr-16 19:11:20

Ahh, your posts have really made me feel motivated and that's another impressive positive story Toffee.
The only problem I can foresee is that I have plantar fasciitis in one foot that I've been trying to rest. It's really painful but without losing weight, I don't think it's going to get any better. to google some Capri legging things.
Thanks Ladies.

Verbena37 Thu 14-Apr-16 19:13:26

Oh and from what I've heard from a couple of people who go, it's very friendly and mainly mums and old people.....I'm going to go after school drop off when it's quieter I think. Apparently the guys who own it are really positive and helpful and always on hand to help with equipment (I will defo need help as I'm not very techy) and to help change your programme etc.

Wolfiefan Thu 14-Apr-16 19:14:40

OP make sure you get decent trainers then. Rolling a cold can or frozen bottle of water under your foot can help. And stretching. LOTS of stretching.
I'm a size 16 and was bigger when I joined the gym. No one ever comments (although a couple of times someone has said I'm doing well or working hard!)

Gutterflower Thu 14-Apr-16 19:16:56

I go to a really non-trendy gym, all shapes and sizes and nobody cares what you look like. As supposed to the local leisure centre which is like a beauty contest. I have big legs and wear Lycra 3/4 leggings. I was really dubious about them when I first put them on but they are so comfortable! Don't think about what you look like, you are doing it and making the change and that's all that counts!

Destinysdaughter Thu 14-Apr-16 19:21:01

If you can afford it, booking some sessions with a personal trainer can be v helpful and supportive too. When I did belong to a gym, I found I went much further than I would have done on my own. Also since I had paid for the sessions in advance it was v motivating!

and he was hot smile

Verbena37 Thu 14-Apr-16 19:39:14

and he was hot heehee love it grin.

Yes wolfie I've got trainers for everyday but will get some good ones....people on the plantar forum I'm on have suggested that Brooks are the best for support and cushioning.

Perfectlypurple Mon 18-Apr-16 07:46:08

I bought new gym leggings and t shirts at the weekend. I also bought a couple of pairs of leggings the next size down so hoping that j can get into them before I go on holiday in July. After that I have loads of lovely smaller stuff I can wear.

I intend to pop to the gym to have a look round tomorrow or Wednesday morning before I go to work. Haven't been able to up until now as me and dh work opposite shifts so one of us always is at work.

Looking forward to getting started. The gym has a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi etc which dh will love but I won't be ready to use just yet.

Perfectlypurple Tue 19-Apr-16 10:42:34

Went to look at the gym this morning. Have joined and have my induction on Friday. Can't do it before because of work and a delivery I have to wait in for. Looking forward to getting started.

Tomorrowisanewday Wed 20-Apr-16 19:54:23

I weigh 18stone (have lost a stone, but thats only the tip of the iceberg), and am only short. I joined one of the "fancy" gyms, and have had nothing but positive times. Someone even stopped me in the changing room and said she didnt know what i'd been doing, but my legs were getting much more toned. Which is probably the first time I've had a compliment, but meant so much.

Most people are only there for the same things you are. And you'll find the ones who arent, arent seen as the cool kids. Good luck x

mumofthemonsters808 Wed 20-Apr-16 20:10:26

Even if it is full of yummy mummy fitness freaks, please do not feel intimidated, everyone has got to make that first step through the door. I've been a regular gymn goer for many years and I've never seen any unkindness towards anyone. I have noticed that the body beautiful tend to be interested in their own, type, so if you walked in as a Victoria Secrets Angel there would be glances, but for anyone else they do not seem at all interested. I'm a gymn scruff, I just wear anything I feel comfortable in, usually a vest top and stretchy pants. You'll never look back, but be warned its addictive.

Verbena37 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:43:05

Well, be let you all down.
I've not been this week to join.
However, I was jogging around my kitchen this morning and thought that with practice and time, jogging could be OK.
The reason I didn't go was a few reasons......

I tried some gym 3/4 capris on and almost died with shame when I saw my thoughts!
Then when I walked about 2 miles on Monday, my plantar fasciitis the next day was horrendous.

I'm not in the zone this week. sad

Verbena37 Thu 21-Apr-16 17:49:07

That should have said I let you all down not he

Toffeelatteplease Thu 21-Apr-16 18:53:19

Given the foot issues have you considered swimming?

Perfectlypurple Thu 21-Apr-16 21:02:14

Or you could ask at the gym if there is any service you can do that won't cause you pain.

Bit nervous about my induction tomorrow. I know what I need to do really having done it before. I think I am nervous about being there with others seeing me get hot and sweaty and not able to do much.

Verbena37 Thu 21-Apr-16 22:31:26

I'm a good swimmer yes, but I hate people at my local pool seeing my thighs. I might travel to another pool where nobody knows me 😀

Perfectlypurple Fri 22-Apr-16 14:11:55

Gym induction went ok. Although realised my sports bra didn't give me enough support so had to get some more. I don't like the mirrors everywhere, it made me really self conscious so I was trying to not look. Hopefully in time I won't feel so awful when I go. Going to go tomorrow too when my dh has his induction.

wheatchief Fri 22-Apr-16 16:02:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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