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Thebodycoach makes Jillian Michaels look soft!

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bigbuttons Wed 06-Apr-16 13:34:28

I have been doing Jm for years then chanced on the body coach on youtube. Jesus, 20 minutes of hell, makes Jm look like a pussycat! Never thought I'd be saying that.
Good stuff though, I;ve only done 4 routines but can see a difference in my waist and tum already.

Certainly worth the torture, but it doesn't feel it at the time( as you think you're just about to throw up which according to the BC is a good thing).

Are there any other new(er) gurus out there I should check out?

KatieKaboom Thu 07-Apr-16 06:43:24

I am a Jillian veteran too. Recently I have been loving the JNL Fusion workouts on youtube- try Bicep Builder or Lower Body Fusion. If you go heavy with the dumbbells, it is absolute torture. smile

Will look into BodyCoach... thanks!

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