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old school (and not so old school) favourites - the dvds and routines that are true faithdfuls and you keep coming back to...?

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keeponkeepinon Tue 05-Apr-16 08:00:10

I'm wondering about the routines and dvds that people come back to again and again as they simply work. There's so many products around and so many people selling stuff its hard to filter out the junk.
What are your all time favourites, that actually do make a difference to your shape?
Callanetics - this is so old school and I practically know it off by heart - but I never stick to it long term because the pelvic scoops are killer! feels like something might snap!
Another one is the bodydoctor routine with weights and cardio. I did this in the run up to my wedding and its very time consuming but it didn't half work (along with some strict low carbing). My wedding photos are some of the only ones I've ever felt truly happy with my shape in.
I need to shift some weight and tone up - what are your favourites?

kirinm Wed 06-Apr-16 09:24:06

30 day shred and Ripped in 30 - although ripped isn't 'fun' at all. I tend to do a couple of levels 5x per week as I have a very desk based job and it's pretty much the only exercise I get.

To get results I do have to eat properly too - and best results come from not drinking alcohol.

I have a tendency to work hard for 3 months and then lose motivation. I'm currently only half way through 30 day shred (after which I'll move on to ripped) so still a way to go.

KeepOnPlodding Wed 06-Apr-16 22:27:42

I loved my Callanetics video. I did it regularly for about 2 months when I was 18 and knew it off by heart.

Still come back to it occasionally - the exercise where you put your leg up on the b--ack of the sofa-- barre still has me pretending that I'm a ballet dancer! blush

ILikeToClean Fri 08-Apr-16 15:53:11

I'm thinking of digging out my Davina Power of 3 dvd. It's an hour so bit more time consuming than the latest high intensity short burst routines but I'm sure that when I did it 3 times a week combined with yoga I was really happy with my shape.

How long is the body coach routine OP? Sounds good!

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