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I'm a new runner... tell me what I should be doing!

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StillMedusa Sun 03-Apr-16 23:26:19

I'm 48... I took up Taekwondo 3 years ago as a bucket list challenge and am a couple of months away from my black belt. BUT I need to increase my stamina and currently have had to stop training for a few weeks due to a dislocated thumb! I'm not hideously unfit for my age but I do get out of breath when training and despite the Taekwondo I am defo not fit . (I drink too much wine for starters!)

I decided to go for a run (jog!) last week.. did 3.6 miles and realised it wasn't that bad! Have been for two more runs since.. aiming to do 5km each run. I'm not after speed or distance increase, just general fitness and ability to keep going.

What should I be doing? 3 runs a week? I only have cheap trainers from Decathlon but they are comfy I NEED expensive ones? Dh runs sometimes and cycles so he has a ton of reflective jackets and I have running leggings.

ANY advice welcomed...

Veterinari Mon 04-Apr-16 06:00:34

If you're not used to running I'd drop your distance and do run-walk intervals. Whilst you're fit enough to run 5km you'll be stressing your bones suddenly and setting yourself up for shin splints or knee problems. Overly cushioned trainers are also a risk.

Spin classes and hiit are more effective at increasing your cv fitness than steady jogging

DessertOrDesert Mon 04-Apr-16 06:16:04

If you really want fitness from jogging, you need intervals or hill training. Be careful with going too far too fast tho.

mudandmayhem01 Mon 04-Apr-16 07:11:27

As a beginner I wouldn't worry about intervals and hill training too much. If you are fit from another sport you can make quicker progress than someone coming off the couch. Never increase your overall running distance by more than 10% a week, try to vary the surfaces you run on, trails or grass are much more forgiving than road. Many runners get injured because of a lack of core strength and power ( especially women) but you are at an advantage there because of your other sport. Sounds like you are enjoying it which is the main thing, I love running and with a bit of caution at the beginning I know people who have gone from being a beginner ( fit in another sport) to winning prizes in two years.

MrsMook Mon 04-Apr-16 07:47:31

If you're comfortable in your trainers now, they'll probably be fine for now. Keep an eye on the wear on them.

3 miles is pretty fit!

It's probably worth extending one run gradually, at a slower pace. That's good for stamina. For speed/ strength a shorter session pushing the pace or using hills is good.

Runners tend to be prone to injury because of the repetitive impact, which your existing activities will balance. Increase gradually.

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