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anyone else hyper mobile and doing weights?

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Howmanyminutes Thu 31-Mar-16 10:24:05

I've been told I'm hyper mobile lots of times, not by a doctor as I haven't had issues (so must be mild) but by gym instructors/ trainers. I got spd in my pregnancies and after 2 pregnancies it seems to be an issue where it wasn't before. Im doing kettkebell stuff at home which I love (gym membership not an option at the moment) I can feel my knees doing odd things as well as my hips, lots of clicking and find it hard to know if I'm doing stuff at the right angle without a huge mirror like in the gym. I trialed a strength class recently and judging by the instructors constant adjustment of my position I just can't feel when somethings going too far. My knees seem to rotate all over the place. I love weights / kettle bells but don't want to knackered my joints in the process! Ideally I'd love to have sessions with a pt or physio who knows about this stuff to set me on the right path but won't be able to afford that for a while. Anyone else with experience of this?

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