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running on Tarmac vs grass

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wickedfairy Mon 28-Mar-16 17:36:23

Hi all, looking for advice please!
I just completed my first 5k run the other day, in just over 31.5 mins (have been doing c25k). I run around the streets, so Tarmac only.

I would like to try a park run, in a few weeks, once I have done 5k a few times. My closest one is mainly on grass.

This is going to be harder, right? I presume running on grass is more difficult - but how much more difficult. Any advice please? TIA

nc060 Mon 28-Mar-16 17:46:03

I prefer running on Tarmac to grass. Most of the parkruns I have done have been on paths rather than grass, usually a very short grass bit at the finish so that the finish doesn't block a path. Most parkruns have a Facebook page, send them a message. I am a fairly slow runner and always finish near the back, parkruns are a great place for new runners, great atmosphere and loads of encouragement!! Go for it!

TrainBridge Mon 28-Mar-16 18:01:02

Ime (I've just finished Couch to 5k) it's not that different except you have to be a bit more careful where you put your feet and your trainers and legs get muddy.

wickedfairy Mon 28-Mar-16 21:38:17

Thanks for your replies! Have never actually run on grass - I tend to run at night and don't fancy running round a field on my own in the dark!

A few more weeks until I can make a park run, so will hopefully find it a bit easier then - did my 2nd 5k tonight, so pleasedsmile

Bumply Mon 28-Mar-16 22:50:03

Running off road is kinder to your knees as the grass acts as a shock absorber.
It's also supposed to be better as the uneven footing means you use slightly different muscles with each step, which is better than repetitive road running.
Having said that my ankles never feel quite as safe on uneven ground so I personally prefer sticking to Tarmac for long runs.

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