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Fluid retention due to weight training?

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Oldisthenewblack Fri 25-Mar-16 16:13:54

I had my first personal training session on Tuesday. I knew she'd push me a bit more than I would usually push myself which is why I figured I'd give it a go. I did a lot of leg work and my legs are STILL dreadfully stiff three days later. That's by the by though - I have another issue. My thighs seem to be huge. Now, I do carry a lot of fat which I know has to go, but it's like they've swollen up a bit. Could this be fluid retention brought on by the intense workout? I know that water retention can happen with weight training, so maybe this is a possibility?

And if anyone knows, how long does this take to do down?

Jaimx86 Fri 25-Mar-16 21:47:42

I avoid doing 'legs' on a Fri/Sat when I know I'll want to wear skinny jeans as I tend to chunk up a lot. Overall benefits of heavy training have worked wonders in my legs though!

I wonder if it's the increased blood flow?

Oldisthenewblack Fri 25-Mar-16 22:34:05

Thanks, Jaimx86 - at least I know it's not just me then grin. That's what I'm telling myself, that the overall benefits will be worth it eventually, especially when I shift some lard.

It could indeed be the increased blood flow. Ah well, at least I'll be strong and fat instead of just weak and fat grin

phoolani Fri 25-Mar-16 22:40:08

Seems it can
I'd never heard of it, but now you mention it my thighs are slightly bigger today after a punishing leg session on Wednesday.

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