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I am stupid to carry on!?

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youlemming Sat 19-Mar-16 22:01:22

I play rugby and I know I probably shouldn't so looking for unbiased views.

I started 3yrs ago when I was already in my early 30's and my oldest DD was 3, I had joint problems mainly hips and knees since I was 8, and would always be stiff and achey after training and playing.
I think it is the running about especially if the ground is hard rather than the contact side.

I had spd with DD1 and DD2 who is now 7 months, I started back light training around 3m and played again in Nov so around 4m which I know was too soon especially as I'm still bf'ing and the hormones are still affecting things.

I can get through a game but it's quite sore after in my hips, groin and knees.
There are only 2 games left of the season so I will keep going but just don't know if I should carry on next season.

The summer training is all sprint/shuttle sessions and I know I physically can't do that right now.
Really want to carry on but the question is should I or am I setting myself up for longer term problems.

MrsMook Sun 20-Mar-16 21:30:43

What about using the summer season to work on general strength. Exercise like pilates or yoga are good at strengthening the whole body and avoiding the imbalances that leave people prone to injury.

I had a slow recovery from SPD. I ended up going to an osteopath. She was great at mobilising, massaging and even acupuncturing away the imbalances in my body that were causing me pain. I ended up using crutches in pregnancy, and was still struggling with basic mobility at 3m post-partum. Ostopathy made a rapid difference, but it took me 2 years to feel properly recovered from DS2.

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