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Parents of small children - when do you fit in exercise?

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Horispondle Thu 17-Mar-16 11:58:14

I'm a SAHM and am considering running for the first time. DH works v early in the morning but generally home for tea time so evening would be the best time but I'm usually so pooped from bedtime routine and tidy up I'm desperate to slob on the couch. Interested to find out how other parents fit it in? When kids are in bed? Do you eat your dinner before or after?

middlings Thu 17-Mar-16 12:00:15

Either very early (6am or before) or late - I went out at 8.50pm last night for 45 minutes.

I'm afraid it's just a case of kicking real magic to it!

oldlaundbooth Thu 17-Mar-16 12:01:37

Can you incorporate exercise into your day with the kids?

How old are your DCs?

onemouseplace Thu 17-Mar-16 12:01:43

I can't exercise first thing in the morning because of a medical condition (and DH leaves early as well) so I have to do early evening.

The only way I manage it is to be changed and ready for when DH gets back and peg it out of the door - we generally swap over and he does bath and bed and does dinner so I get back and have a quick shower then eat.

I have to be ready to go though (I book a class for 630) - if I sit down there is usually no chance I'll get up again! Classes any later don't work for me either as I'm just too hungry and get back too late so, by the time I've had a shower, I have no evening at all.

onemouseplace Thu 17-Mar-16 12:02:26

I also try and do one class a weekend - generally Saturday morning so it's out of the way.

drspouse Thu 17-Mar-16 12:45:58

The only way I manage it is to be changed and ready for when DH gets back and peg it out of the door
I started C25K last summer and that's the only way I managed it. One run weekend mornings and 1 or two if I was feeling enthusiastic in the week. The weekday one went by the wayside when it got dark and I was a bit unwell before Christmas so scaled down to lots of walks to get my strength back while I was off sick for a little while.

I drop the DCs at the CM and work from home one day a week and they go quite early (breakfast at CM's) and I run home/little bit further. On some chilly mornings I wear a fleece to walk down and then leave it in the buggy at the CM. She looks at me like I'm mad. But as it doesn't take me any longer than walking back and lingering over a coffee I don't feel I'm shortchanging my employer.

I work part time meaning that most of my days off are with the DCs but I'm upping to one extra day after DC1 goes to school so I'm going to try and find a lunchtime class or go to the pool that thankfully isn't too far from work.

I also found a late Pilates class which doesn't start till after the DCs are in bed normally so I bolt my tea after they go to bed and dash out to that. I've been going to that one for quite a while now so it kind of feels like an obligation. In our area there are also a few 8pm-ish Zumba classes.

And the other thing I need to start doing again is nap time Shred, unfortunately I did this last year when both DCs were napping but only one is now. I have yet to see if DC1 will tolerate watching me do this or if I will have toys placed on me during plank.

ShowOfHands Thu 17-Mar-16 12:48:14

I get up early. I can't do it in an evening. I can run but nothing high intensity or with weights. I am full of energy at 6am though.

StarUtopia Thu 17-Mar-16 12:49:24

Interested. I'm just too damn shattered. Generally up at 5/30am with two toddlers. At home all day with them (or obviously out and about) then when DH walks in, I walk out to go to work (my other job!)

By the time I get back, DH still battling with bedtime, so I pitch in to help with that.

It was 8.30pm last night before we sat down on the couch. I hadn't eaten obviously by then.

I really can't see how I can get out to actually go running/gym whatever?

I'm hoping once the kids start school it will be a lot easier?!

FemaleDilbert Thu 17-Mar-16 12:50:28

Exercise I can do indoors - exercise bike!

Do it when the 2yo is napping and the 4yo is pottering around

Eastpoint Thu 17-Mar-16 12:54:41

I used to meet a friend at 6:15am 3 times a week, I'd be back by 7am. DH could cope if anyone got up before I was back. Also played tennis at 1930 each Sunday night.

carrie74 Thu 17-Mar-16 13:57:09

Sympathies, looking after the kids all day is draining.

Mine are both at school and I work 4 days, so on my day off, I always do something, then one day at the weekend. Then I'll try to fit a third session in at some point during the week. They both have an activity for an hour on Monday after I've finished work, so I drop them off, quick change,max 45 mins exercise, then go pick them up.

I use Fitness Blender (and recently Yoga With Adriene, as I've taken up yoga and wanted to do more practice at home in between classes).

MrsMook Thu 17-Mar-16 21:50:28

I did OK with young children and part time work. Going full time is polishing me off! Again, either extreme of the day and weekends. I went to a buggy fit class and still visit in the holidays.

My problem is now work guilt, running vs marking. Joy.

chutneypig Fri 18-Mar-16 19:39:10

I used to go out early when my children were younger, but that doesn't sound like an option for you. I'd try and eat a snack a couple of hours before you plan to go out and get changed ready as people have said. I think if you can get through the first runs then you'll love the me time. It was a huge pull for me at the start. That and a good playlist. I like a bit of structure and a plan so c25k really helped me at the start. It's a good time of year to think about the evenings!

Nicknamegrief Fri 18-Mar-16 19:50:18

In the spring/summer/early autum I would go out at 5:30 so my husband could leave at 6:15ish. I have run with them in a buggy (but only had one and stopped when they hit 3) after the school run. I also have swapped with a friend, we both ran the same day but alternated houses/who went first. I also had a friend who would come to mine during nap time and I would go then, which was a very generous and helpful short term once a week offer, As well as going in the evening and early Saturday (which I hate doing), but did it for a time so I didn't drop the habit.

harverina Fri 18-Mar-16 19:54:30

I try to swim 2-3 times per week at 8.30pm once the DC are in bed. It's the only time I can go but it's a real struggle getting them organised in time for me to leave.

When I was training for a bike ride I would go first thing in a Saturday or Sunday too.

Duckdeamon Fri 18-Mar-16 19:54:52

When you say "tea time" (but also refer to DCs' bedtime routine) what d'you mean?

You could eat early with the DC a couple of evenings a week and leave DH to do the bedtime routine.

Exercise DVDs with short routines.

Gyms with a creche, or the odd couple of hours with a CM with spaces.


PeppaPigStinks Fri 18-Mar-16 20:39:44

I work part time and I got for a swim in my lunch break.
There are few local hotels nearby that offer membership so I am member in a hotel.
So even if you think there isn't a local pool - there may be one close you can use.

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