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Straight run or hiit? I'm confused!

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applejack18 Wed 16-Mar-16 09:17:08

Please could you let me know your thoughts on my routine?

I'm 5ft2 and around 10 stone 10 (big bust 32H and broad frame). Want to obvs reduce weight/measurements but also get fitter and healthier. Am trying to eat healthily.

Have only recently started gym from a low fitness level. Really enjoying it. Aim for 3-4 mornings a week but only have around 45-60 mins max to do routine in order to get back for shower/nursery pick up.

Routine is: 7 min warm up on rower, stretch, 30 mins running/walking hiit (see below), arm and core exercise, stretch.

My question is: for time efficiency, is it better to do 30 run or 30 hiit run/walk. The hiit is alternating 2 mins at speed 5 incline 3, then 2 mins speed 8 incline 3. Or just run for 30 mins at 8 incline 3?
I'm asking you for advice as a quick poll for now before chatting to gym staff (who I don't find approachable - The one I liked has left 🙁)

LordEmsworth Wed 16-Mar-16 09:22:59

It's best to do both. Both have advantages.

One morning - warm up then intervals or ladders (getting increasingly harder over 4-5 mins, then drop back down to fast walking).

Next time - long and steady.

Intervals help you to go faster, climb hills, strengthen legs and cardio function. Long and steady builds stamina, runs off lactic acid, helps you go for longer.

Personally I would warm up on the treadmill rather than the rower, so the warm up becomes part of it.

I'd also maybe once a week do the intervals on the rower, for a bit of cross training (and because it's harder, so more efficient...)

OrangeSunset Wed 16-Mar-16 09:27:31

I'm certainly not an expert but running intervals has a much greater impact on fitness than 'straight' running.

However everything I've read says that the fast (tempo) running you do should make no more than 20% of your total mileage per week.

I do this by doing 2 normal runs a week, then one tempo run with faster and slower intervals.

If you're not that wedded to running, and want to stick to the HIIT format at the gym, then you can switch exercises eg do an interval run one day, do a HIIT circuit another day (squats, burpees etc), then HIIT on the tower another day. I've read you shouldn't do more than 3 HIIT workouts a week, though.

Check you fitness blender for HIIT circuits, it's brilliant. Good luck!

applejack18 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:26:49

Thanks for your replies.
If I can get 4 times to gym - I might try alternate 2 days straight runs and 2 days interval running - as I'm also working towards stamina for a 5k park run

suzannecaravaggio Wed 16-Mar-16 14:35:01

comparing these 2 scenario's
1- 3 mile course, run it in 30 minute with fast and slow intervals
2- same 3 mile course run at a steady speed in 30 minutes
in terms of calorie burn it will be pretty much the same, because you are covering the same distance in the same time the amount of energy required to transport your body is the same.

The interval session will push you more because your cardio vascular system will have to work harder at the higher speeds that you reach in the fast sections

Jaimx86 Thu 17-Mar-16 21:42:00

You're best doing your resistance exercises before you're final cardio so that your glycogen stores are depleted before the cardio exercise. Will also give you more energy to lift heavy enough to make the resistance and core exercises worth while.

Are the numbers you quote in mph or kph?

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