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Fitbit + hiking while carrying baby in sling

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djini Mon 14-Mar-16 18:16:25

How do I get the Fitbit (or weight watchers activity tracker, myfitnesspal etc) to recognise that sometimes when I go for a long hike I'm carrying my 11lb baby in a sling.

That's got to earn me a few more credits, surely? My knees certainly notice the difference!

MrsMook Thu 17-Mar-16 21:58:26

Can you change the weight setting? That would recognise more calories, but I don't know how accurate it would be.

It's frustrating when your true effort isn't recognised!

ouryve Thu 17-Mar-16 22:01:01

Changing the weight setting would probably have it remonstrating with you for rapid weight gain!

When I was pushing a wriggly 4 year old in a SN buggy up hill, I upped my self reported "moderate" walk to a "brisk" walk for weightwatchers online. That was many years ago, though!

randomsabreuse Thu 17-Mar-16 22:05:38

It should because having not run since well before getting pregnant with my now 7mo (and being frankly rubbish even then) I managed 5k without stopping on my 2nd run after 7 months of sling and walking most places because I can't be bothered with child seat faffage for short journeys!

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