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Is it worth getting a personal trainer to help me do a routine at home, or can I figure it out by myself?

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TapStepBallChange Sun 13-Mar-16 15:33:21

Last yr I reached 5k running through doing couch to 5k, I've not done much over winter and want to get back into it again. I usually run before work, but if DH is working away I can't get out to run as I'm either at work or at home with DD. I also want to start adding some weights and other exercise alongside the running. I do pilates once a week, I'm wondering about sorting out a workout at home. We have a very long garden, now the evenings are light, I'd like to design a work out which involves running up and down (around 200m ish) with weights and other moves at either end, can anyone point me somewhere where I could find the info needed to design something or is it worth finding a personal trainer to come round once a month to help be develop something and update it.

LordEmsworth Sun 13-Mar-16 16:06:28

If you can afford a PT, it is definitely worth it. A PT will check your technique and ensure you're doing the exercises properly, which will give you better results and reduce the risk of injuries.

A PT will also probably push you harder than you'd naturally do yourself, and give you an incentive to do it when you really don't feel like it.

TapStepBallChange Sun 13-Mar-16 18:48:24

Thanks, I'll e-mail a few. Had a look on a few websites, they all seem to focus on offering bootcamps, which I guess is a good revenue stream, I'd love to do one, but can't commit to the regular classes. I was slightly taken aback by one, who is a young man with a very defined 6 pack, who also boasts on his website to a be a fitness model, it felt almost inappropriate looking at the website grin I didn't think people like that existed in my corner of rural england

LordEmsworth Mon 14-Mar-16 08:59:34

Well, I wouldn't choose a trainer who's that focussed on looks, personally... Nothing wrong with it, but not really my aim.

Is there anyone you can ask for a recommendation? If there's a running club nearby, it might be worth asking them if they have a trainer who will focus on cross training to improve your running (if that's your aim).

My trainer will do a first session free so you get a feel for working with him, so worth asking if they will; one thing to look out for is how interested they are in your goals, asking lots of questions to understand and tailor what they do with you.

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