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Running hairbands?

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I tried to search within the running threads but couldn't see what I am looking for...anyway, can anyone recommend a brand of hairband (not too expensive if possible) for running that stays put? I have either a small head or my hair is too slippery for the every day common variety hairband and they keep slipping off my head backwards, which is obviously annoying when you're trying to run.


lljkk Fri 11-Mar-16 21:38:34

They have kid size ones in Claire's (ok, my Claire's, anyway). My head would ache if I worse them.

Do they have cloth ones, lljkk?

chutneypig Sat 12-Mar-16 07:17:14

DD and I both have Buffs we use mostly as headbands. We have very similar hair, very slippery and she has a small head, being eight. I hate my hair getting in my face when I'm running my but equally am not a huge fan of headwear in general, but I find they do the job and don't need fiddling with throughout the run. Plus they're quite versatile, I sometimes use mine as a hat.

mudandmayhem01 Sat 12-Mar-16 07:20:10

I love buffs too, work great folded up as a hairband or as a wider bandana, mine never slips.

blackteaplease Sat 12-Mar-16 07:22:07

Third recommendation for a buff. I fold mine into a headband to keep my ears warm and my fringe off my face.

whiteagle Sat 12-Mar-16 07:23:36

I too wear a buff as hairband. I too have a small head and it stays put well!

lljkk Sat 12-Mar-16 08:29:23

Does buff = lycra springy neck scarf cloth ring? "snood" etc.?
Not seen them in Claire's but Claire's has small size cloth hair bands yes, that could work like buffs. There are neck buffs in Sports Direct, but very cheap if you order lots on Ebay & Amazon from China. I also like to have one ten to choose from really to keep my ears warm. Two I made from an old t-shirt of DH's.

mudandmayhem01 Sat 12-Mar-16 08:34:38

Get a proper branded buff, the cheap imitation ones are often itchy and don't wash well. Order on line or in a proper running or outdoor shop. I have loads but my lucky red one I wear for races is 10 years old and still going strong.

Buff it is! And they're reasonably priced online, too. Thanks, all.

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