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Stomach needs toning up

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mrsmalfoy Tue 08-Mar-16 21:48:17

Can I do it at home?
I suffer with a bad back so need to start gently
Ideas please? smile

NathalieM Wed 09-Mar-16 11:17:17

I do a lot of my exercise at home, it's much cheaper and there is more chance of me sticking to the pattern. I use YouTube yoga videos and simply follow the instructor. You kind find different levels to ease yourself in it's great. I also really recommend swimming, it's fantastic for toning all parts of the body kids love it too!

mrsmalfoy Sun 13-Mar-16 09:59:22

Thanks nat,
I'll have a nosy on YouTube and see what I can find smile

LumpySpacedPrincess Sun 13-Mar-16 11:46:01

I only ever exercise at home and have a great fitness level, when I can be bothered!

It helps if you understand exercise and correct posture as that is crucial.

For a quick tummy fix, try this.

MrsFogi Mon 14-Mar-16 14:55:03

Thanks for that link LumpySP that is a super site!

LumpySpacedPrincess Mon 14-Mar-16 16:59:52

Try Fitness Blender which is jam packed with free, effective workouts. I'm about to do one now. smile

mrsmalfoy Thu 17-Mar-16 17:26:10

when I can be bothered
This is my exact issue, I can't be bothered most of the time because I'm a lazy sod I've usually been up eleventy million times in the night with dd sad

LumpySpacedPrincess Thu 17-Mar-16 19:05:22

I'm all, or nothing mrs. It's crazy as I feel so much better when I am toned up, it is just so exhausting after a long day though.

I'm in insane exercise mode at the moment and it feels great, but I know a month from now I could be on the sofa eating pies! grin

RunnerOnTheRun Mon 21-Mar-16 20:54:42

Planks, punch planks, mountain climbers, flutter kicks.

But we all know that it's all about the reveal abs you need to cut down on belly fat!

mrsmalfoy Fri 25-Mar-16 09:29:25

Planks, sit-ups, squats.....then I go and spoil it with a Chinese sad it was crap as well!!
Today's a new day though I suppose

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