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Achilles tendonitis

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TamaraLamara Tue 08-Mar-16 18:22:52

Tell me how you fixed it! And how long did it take? I've had it a for a few weeks now and supposed to be doing a 10k in a few weeks time - help!!!

P1nkP0ppy Tue 08-Mar-16 18:28:02

Put a heel rise in your shoes, ibuprofen and paracetamol and specific exercises from a remedial osteopath.
Good luck!

TamaraLamara Tue 08-Mar-16 20:09:42

Thank you - hadn't thought of a heel lift. Off to google them now smile

peasofcake Tue 08-Mar-16 20:16:23

Magic physio tape for extra support, do the exercises heel raises if i remember right, and no squats as they made it worse for me.

NoahVale Tue 08-Mar-16 20:17:31

heel raise from boots, made a world of difference, after 18 months of suffering in not quite silence, occasional exercises

Anglaise1 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:21:52

I have friends in my running club who have had it and it can take months to recover. Drink loads of water for tendonitis and good luck! I found the physio shock wave treatment worked really well on my knee tendonitis but not sure it is so effective for the heel.

Foginthehills Sun 13-Mar-16 11:55:30

google "Alfredson heel drops"

blearynweary Wed 16-Mar-16 10:20:20

I've had this and its horrible you have my sympathy.

Exercises really help as does naproxen (v strong anti inflammatory from drs).

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