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long length running leggings

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wickedfairy Sun 06-Mar-16 17:57:28

Hi, have 34" legs and all standard running leggings are a bit too short - I hate having a gap at my ankle!

Can anyone recommend somewhere please? I have yoga leggings from long tall sally but they are thin and I'd quite like a sturdy pair of running leggings!

I saw somewhere online for tall people but the length was 36" and that's too long, am not that tall!

carrie74 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:13:07

Have you tried Gap? Their long length leggings are quite good, and generally opaque (but make sure you try lots just in case).

Possibly Sweaty Betty?

Lamu Sun 06-Mar-16 18:16:07

Lululemon running leggings come up quite long. I'm also a 34", the only down side is the price tag! I think about £84.

Savagebeauty Sun 06-Mar-16 18:16:23

Tall Girls?

DorothyGherkins Sun 06-Mar-16 18:20:42

No advice, but just came on to say, isn't it shite a company like Long Tall Sally should have a captive clientele for all special occasion stuff, weddings, sport, shoes etc - none of it is fit for purpose is it!

I always buy mens sports stuff - any options for you there?

wickedfairy Sun 06-Mar-16 19:26:32

Wow £84?!? Not for me thensmile

I am sure tall girls was the site with 36", but I will check again, thanks. They were zipped, so not so easy to chop a couple of inches off....

Are the men's running leggings longer? I never thought of that! Will take a look, thank you!

Smilewswy Sun 06-Mar-16 19:59:23

I have some Karrimor from Sports Direct. They were around £15 and have washed well had them 2 years and wear wash at least twice a week without any shrinking.

sleepwhenidie Sun 06-Mar-16 20:01:39

I've ordered some great ones from tkmaxx that have been waaay too long for my legs (28" inseam). Will try and see what make they were for you if order history will allow...

trixymalixy Sun 06-Mar-16 20:02:58

I have a 34" inside leg and the 10k run tights from sweaty Betty sit on my ankle.

trixymalixy Sun 06-Mar-16 20:05:21

I got mine in the sale for £27 a week or so ago, but looks like it's finished now unfortunately.

wickedfairy Sun 06-Mar-16 20:06:35

Thanks all! There is a sports direct not too far, so will head there and try on the karrimor ones! Hopefully they will be long enough!

sleepwhenidie Sun 06-Mar-16 20:12:24

If you have a tkmaxx near you it's definitely worth a look too. My order history doesn't show item details sorry but they get a wide range at bargain prices. SB will also be good but you have to be fast when they have sales, they just had a really good one last week, lots of stuff at 50% off but stock vanished so quickly!

wickedfairy Mon 07-Mar-16 13:53:49

Well, today I tried:
Inter sport
And somewhere else. All were too short. Ffs, I am not even that tall, just longer legs.

Will go into town tomorrow and try long tall Sally - they have new stuff in. Either that or I will order from tall girls and lop a few inches off the bottom. Will update!

FreyaMK Mon 07-Mar-16 18:41:03

I'm tall and I've found the best thing for me is long compression socks and mid length leggings. I started with them years ago and now find it so much simpler than long leggings. I like the Aldi compression socks when they have them but not too tricky to find long running socks, I like the compression ones as they don't slip down at all

wickedfairy Tue 08-Mar-16 22:54:48

I got some smile. Long tall Sally and they fit perfectly! I already had a pair from last season and got another pair plus running top today.

They fit really well and have a waist that sits on my waist, not hips, as the high street stuff does. £40 but at least they fit properly!

blahblueblah Wed 09-Mar-16 18:58:40

Sweaty Betty has really long leggings

Drinksforeveryone Thu 10-Mar-16 21:29:04

I hace some from BAM.

They are very long, even on my long legs.

They have a sale on at the mo.

I can't copy link but it's

jellybean2000 Fri 11-Mar-16 14:01:54

Thanks for this. I also have long legs. I do mind the gap between sock and tight cos I get cold, but I mind more that bits of mud jump down my socks. Drives me bonkers. As Freya says, wearing long socks works. I am cautious about wearing compression socks too much though.

I love SB, but it's £££££
Never even looked a Lululemon - ridiculous money.

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