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First 10k tomorrow! Any tips or advice for a nervous newbie?

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AprilDHarvey Sat 05-Mar-16 16:55:56

Hello! smile
I'm running a 10k in Edinburgh tomorrow for the Stroke Association, I'm really looking forward to it and feel prepared but I'm still a little nervous. Does anyone have any tips or tricks or warnings I should know? Also, what would you recommend having for breakfast/to drink the morning of the race?

I'm feel a little nervous because I went out for a run yesterday and SERIOSULY struggled, I've been comfortably running 8 and 9k for a couple of weeks now but all of a sudden I couldn't even make it past 5k. I had to stop to catch my breath, my legs felt like jelly and my arms were shaking too. I have no idea what brought any of this on. Do you think it was a fluke or is it something I should be worried about?

emummy Sat 05-Mar-16 17:22:07

If you have been feeling well and not I'll I would guess that yesterday's problems were down to nerves & anxiety, so forget about it. You have done all the training, it's gone fine, you can do this!
On the day, have the breakfast you would normally have before going out for a run, and do it in plenty of time to allow you to travel to the event. Lay out your stuff tonight to be sure you have everything. Leave plenty of time to get there tomorrow. I usually take something small with me to eat about an hour before, say some dried fruit. During the race, don't go off too fast, lots of people do and it's easy to get caught up. Have faith in yourself and the training you've done, run it your way.
The most important thing is to enjoy it! Soak up the atmosphere, trust the training you've done, go out and enjoy your run. And it's for charity so double win! Good luck, hope the weather is kind

SugarDiabetes Sat 12-Mar-16 10:56:19

How did you get on? I have my first 10K booked for July

AprilDHarvey Sat 12-Mar-16 20:24:58

Hi Sugar! smile
The 10k went really well and I had no problems whatsoever, finished In under 55 minutes! I think emummy may have been right when she said I felt unwell because of nerves and the atmosphere on the day definitely kept me going the last 2k.

Three hours before the race I have plain porridge and Greek yoghurt with berries, an hour before I had a banana. I also drank plenty of water the morning of and day before the race. Just thought I'd tell you since that breakfast worked quite well for me.

Good luck with your 10k! I'm sure you'll do brilliantly X

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