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Second Half Marathon Training Plan Advice please!

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Runtoyou Sat 05-Mar-16 10:38:00

Hi I run regularly and last Sunday ran a half marathon. It went well and I finished in a good time. This week I've rested, done a bit of yoga and went out for a three mile run on Thursday. Body seems to be ok apart from a bit of stiffness.

My question is I'm supposed to be running another half on the 20th March. How much running or rest should I be doing to prepare? I can't seem to find much info on line so can any of you experienced runners on here advise me? I'm probably going out running tomorrow but not sure what mileage I should be doing.


Runtoyou Sat 05-Mar-16 17:07:19


emummy Sat 05-Mar-16 17:16:40

Have been thinking about this all day and I'm not sure! I think having taken it easy this week, I would do runs of around 4-6 miles next week, with a long run at the weekend of around 10 miles, then runs of 3 or 4 miles easy pace in the week of the hm. You already know you can do the distance at a pace you're happy with, so you just need to keep things ticking over ahead of the next one.

Runtoyou Sat 05-Mar-16 20:15:51

Thanks emummy it is confusing! I think what you've suggested is probably what I'll do. It's just hard to work it out when there's slightly longer than two weeks between races. I've read that I need to rest and cross train but that seems to apply more to an exact two week gap.

The other concern is the second HM is also hilly so I probably need to fit in some hill training as well. Plenty to do! Thanks againsmile

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