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swapping from Adidas Cool Runs to Vivobarefoot!

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SugarDiabetes Sat 05-Mar-16 08:01:14

Does anyone use the barefoot range of trainers? Has anyone any tips for swapping over?

Quoteunquote Sat 05-Mar-16 12:11:54

There is a chain with the unfortunate name "sweatshop' if you go in, they have a service , you go on a treadmill and a computer films the back of your feet and legs, it then helps you diagnose your personal running style, it's actually rather good.

If you are trying to change your running style to barefoot/on toe running it would be worth finding out where your stride is now.

SugarDiabetes Sat 12-Mar-16 10:57:14

Just popping back in to say I love these trainers! I've run faster and further than ever before with no knee pain.

lljkk Sat 12-Mar-16 11:12:16

how much do they actually cushion? That's the part I don't get. I would be very scared to run on a shoe without good shock absorbers, and the 'barefoot' hyped shoes I've seen are thinner & flimsier than flipflops.

SugarDiabetes Sat 12-Mar-16 12:11:57

There's no cushion at all. It feels like running in a verucca sock with a firm base and room to wiggle your toes.

lljkk Sat 12-Mar-16 12:13:24

Does it wear out really fast? How many miles of running are you supposed to get out of that? (and how much did you pay, if you don't mind saying)

lljkk Sat 12-Mar-16 12:14:38

... and how far have you run on them so far, & on what surface?

Sorry if Qs too much.

SugarDiabetes Sat 12-Mar-16 12:24:00

I'm a new convert but there's loads of info on line.

Guidance says (I think) about replacing every 300 miles - most people on forums seem to replace yearly.

I paid £50 in a sale. I only run on paths and some bridleways.

SugarDiabetes Sat 12-Mar-16 12:27:18

Oh missed a question! I've been doing a 5K plan since January, x3 a week. Had struggled to get past 6 minutes running. Had some knee pain (hence the research) and had gone back to running 3 minute stretches.

Went out to try my new trainers with a short run around the block and ended up doing almost 5K, with 2x 10 minute running sessions.

Today I ran my first parkrun and did it in 31 minutes without stopping.

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