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Shred for beginners

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redstrawberries101 Tue 16-Feb-16 23:15:27

Anyone tried it? I have the normal 30 day shred but it's too hard for me at the moment

TENDTOprocrastinate Wed 17-Feb-16 14:22:30

I've started doing the level one 20 minute work outs (just finished one now!) I'm not doing it every day yet though. And I keep swapping the weights I'm using. I'm planning to start doing it every day from 1st March- in prep for my holiday on the 1st April!
I dread to think what level 2 is like!
I'm also using my nutribullet for one meal a day.

TENDTOprocrastinate Wed 17-Feb-16 14:42:57

I've just realised you meant a different 30 day shred DVD. (Googled it!)
Looks good- have you bought it?

redstrawberries101 Wed 17-Feb-16 16:50:05

Not yet! Was hoping someone could feedback. I've got the normal 30 day shred but I had major surgery few years ago and my energy levels have never been the same. I have made it through level 1 but get really exhausted so thought I would build up with the beginners version initially

TENDTOprocrastinate Thu 18-Feb-16 09:29:47

I'm aching all over today- there is no way I can do it again today!
I'm thinking I'll look into the beginners version too!

redstrawberries101 Thu 18-Feb-16 13:12:39

Lol great. Let's hope someone comes along.. I could just order it but want to know if there is an actual difference between the two, and if there is then how easy is beginners

FranHastings Mon 22-Feb-16 01:41:29

Beginner Shred is good. Definitely easier on the joints than the original. I enjoyed it, still found it challenging, because I am currently v unfit. I can't manage to do the original 30DS at the moment because of issues post pregnancy. I saw definite improvements in stamina a few days in. I think Jillian is a bit more encouraging too. I haven't got past level 1 yet, but I'm glad I bought it. It's definitely the level I currently need.

GreenAndFuzzy Mon 22-Feb-16 07:05:35

I love the Beginner Shred - it's not as hard on the knees and Jillian is a lot nicer and encouraging! Wish more people on here did it!

FranHastings Wed 24-Feb-16 00:19:49

Recommend the Jessica Smith workouts on YouTube too. I'm working back up to some sort of fitness and these are perfect and really enjoyable. So many to choose from. I like that she does standing abs work, because my stomach is just not up to floor work just at the moment.

Treysanatomy Wed 24-Feb-16 07:29:00

I've just bought Beginner Shred to start today! I did 30 Day Shred after having dd1 and got good results, now 9 months after having dd2 I need something a bit gentler to ease me back into fitness smile

redstrawberries101 Wed 24-Feb-16 22:46:41

Ooo let us know how you get on smile

redstrawberries101 Wed 24-Feb-16 22:48:30

Ooo let us know how you get on smile

redstrawberries101 Fri 26-Feb-16 12:35:32

DVD ordered!

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