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Achey muscles after massage

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MsMarvel Sun 14-Feb-16 21:10:30

Had massages every so often over the years, was always a bit tender afterwards but not too bad.

Today had my first massage since starting to go to the gym, and have been making an effort to improve posture and flexibility in my back and shoulders.

After the massage my back, along my sboulder blades, is really tender and sore, to the point where i cant put my back against the back of the sofa. Is this normal??

Its the sorest its ever been but i dont kbow if its just because im working my muscles more than i ever have been. Tried to have a look in a mirror and it appears to be red along where its tender.

Jennyleth888 Mon 15-Feb-16 00:57:20

Im a trained massage therapist and have specalised in deep tissue massge for 8 years. Therapists will differ in opinion on this subject as if you can take a very deep pressure then you will feel very sore after and can somtimes bruise. Were u flinching during the massage? Or was the pressure very uncomfortable to the point of you tensing ur sholder muscles whilst having the treatment? If you were then ur therapist should have eased off. Ppl think that "the harder the better" is the most benificial and it is just not the case. If you have been working out then your muscles could be tense and over worked so you might not be able to take a deep massage like you used to. Try usimg a heat bag on ur sholders before your treatment to soften and loosen ur muscles and use it after aswell. Instant refreshing gel by elemis is also amazing to use and will ease sorness and help relax ur muscles. Talk to ur therapist through the treatment and tell him/her what pressure feels right. If you are tensing though they should not be using a really firm pressure as it can cause damage. Also make sure they are qualified and experiemced 😊. Hope this is helpfull and i apologise for awful spelling and grammer. Im
So deslexic it hurts hahah x

MsMarvel Mon 15-Feb-16 06:47:44

During the massage i could feel the 'uncomfortable-ness' of her working through knots all the way along my shoulder blades, but it wasnt painfull enough to be tensing or flinching, so perhaps its just the normal aftermath of my poor muscles that have never been worked in 25 years that are now all of a sudden beung pushed to capacity grin

Pain isn't as bad today, will need to try and budget more regular massages into my life!

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