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Shoulder flexibility

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Usernamegone Sat 13-Feb-16 12:34:52

I am reasonably fit but I don't seem to be very flexible in my shoulders. For example when I lift anything above my head (nothing heavy) I seem to really struggle and get pain the my shoulder muscles at the back.

When I do yoga and we lie flat on our backs with our arms above our heads I seem to be the only one who cannot put my arms flat on the floor.

Does anyone know any exercises that may help this? I've started yoga in the last few week to try to improve.

MsMarvel Sun 14-Feb-16 10:14:58

A good shoulder stretch is to put your hand on your back in between your shoulder blades, with your elbow above your head. Use your other hand to pull your elbow toward the middle of the back of your head, or as far until you feel the stretch, and hold it there.

When i first started at the gym my personal trainer couldnt believe how inflexible my shoulders were, and have been working on this and slowly noticing an improvement.

My biggest problem which was causing the tight shoulders was my posture, so its maybe worth being aware of whether your shoulders are slouching forward, and concentrating on holding them back.

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