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Couch to 5k - am I doing it all wrong?

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BigHairySpider Sat 13-Feb-16 07:31:48

After glancing at the other thread I am a bit worried.
I started the couch to 5k programme 4 weeks ago at a local sports club. I run once a week and am managing it well. I only do that one session per week though and nothing was mentioned about completing 3 runs weekly confused
Is it possible to complete the programme only doing 1 run per week?

KittyandTeal Sat 13-Feb-16 07:33:37

You can but I think more regular runs build up your fitness quicker which is how you can do it in only 9 weeks.

Obviously if you're doing one run a week it'll take a bit longer to get to 5k.

Whatever works best for you though

TurnOffTheTv Sat 13-Feb-16 07:37:32

I started with a running club who advised 3 runs a week, it took me 10 weeks. One a week isn't really going to build up your stamina so it will take longer.

faintlyoptimistic Sat 13-Feb-16 07:54:33

I did it over a year ago doing mostly 2 runs a week but it varied - took a while but I now easily run 5k (usually only once a week now as I'm back at work and can't fit more in).

TheoriginalLEM Sat 13-Feb-16 07:58:44

there isn't a wrong way. three times a week is great . once a week is great.

BigHairySpider Sat 13-Feb-16 08:44:15

Thanks all. I will try to get another run in if possible then. I am doing ok stamina wise I think as quite a few people there were walking instead whilst I kept running.

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