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Walking for weight loss?

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Slowprogress Tue 09-Feb-16 07:37:54

Can you really loose weight just with walking?

I have been looking into it online and there are conflicting views.

I have a problem with my shoulder and at times exercise makes it much worse.

I am happy to go to the gym and do a hilly walk at a fast pace I just don't want to do anything that uses my shoulder.

Slowprogress Tue 09-Feb-16 07:42:14

Also just to add my belly is the main part I need to loose weight and tone up but again crunches etc hurt my neck and shoulder sad

lanbro Tue 09-Feb-16 07:48:34

I went from a desk job to a retail job at the same time as I temporarily moved back in with my parents. I was obviously on my feet all day instead of sitting and I started walking the dog quite excessively to give me something to do. I did lose about 3 stone quite quickly without deliberately dieting although my eating habits did change with the job. So yes, I think you can lose weight just walking.

Have you tried pilates? I'm only 5 weeks in but the exercise is quite gentle and you can take it to whatever level suits. I also have a bad shoulder but can manage most of the moves.

KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Tue 09-Feb-16 07:49:56

I don't think you can lose much weight through just walking. You'd have to walk pretty quickly to get your heart rate up significantly, and for a long time to burn off enough calories to make a difference. Exercise for weight loss is really difficult, it can burn off a few calories but it is mainly what you are eating which will affect weight loss. I think I read somewhere that weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise. Obviously walking lots is going to be good for you but I don't think you will see a significant weight loss unless you change eating habits too.

MrsTrentReznor Tue 09-Feb-16 07:52:43

I walk on the treadmill (as fast as I can without breaking into a jog)
When I stop feeling it I increase the incline to make it a bit harder, as I'm getting fitter I'm able to go a little faster.
I'm starting to enjoy it now. I take my kindle, watch The Walking Dead and use it as me time! smile

DustyMaiden Tue 09-Feb-16 07:55:53

For me walking works better than the gym, so I say definetly.

Ragwort Tue 09-Feb-16 07:58:23

I think it is possible if you combine it with healthy, sensible eating. I used to walk four miles (briskly) every morning, and ate about 1600 calories a day - sensible, balanced meals - I lost three stone and put it on when I gave up the walking and returned to bad eating habits.

RJnomore1 Tue 09-Feb-16 08:01:03

Walking a mile burns the same calories as running a mile but doesn't have the same cardio type properties.

Any movement will help. It might be slower but it will help. It won't target a particular body part though so be prepared for that.

MorrisZapp Tue 09-Feb-16 08:03:51

It definitely does help. I'm always slimmer in summer, and the fact I walk to and from work is a big part of that.

LadyIsabellaWrotham Tue 09-Feb-16 08:04:19

I'd be very surprised if you could lose a noticeable amount of weight by walking on a treadmill at the gym (though the drastic solution of a desk treadmill at work would do the job). I've known people to lose weight through walking but they had to thread it through every waking hour like the PP who moved from a sedentary to a perambulatory job and also got a dog. My Londoner mate simply stopped using public transport. We arranged to meet him one day in South London, got out of the car at the rendezvous point and he'd walked there - 8 miles, and we then went for a walk round the park together. That's approaching a thousand calories burned right there, so yes he lost weight. If you develop an allergy to buses and cars, and a phobia of lifts and escalators, and ideally you don't have a sedentary job then yes you can lose weight, but you won't do it in 2 hours a week down the gym, it's the other 110 waking hours each week that count.

BigginsforPope Tue 09-Feb-16 08:17:07

I lost three stone last year by walking and watching my diet through mfp so yes it can be done. However I think losing weight is more to do with what you eat as a previous poster said.
I do push myself to walk fast and up and down hills or sometimes I focus on longer walk so cover a greater distance.
I am definitely fitter than I was.

mercifulTehlu Tue 09-Feb-16 08:28:35

I got a (big, energetic) dog just over a year ago and walk him twice a day for 30 mins to 1.5 hours. It's made no difference to my weight. I lose weight when I control my diet and lose a bit extra when I'm running regularly. Walking seems to do nothing weight -wise. It's bloody hilly round here too (Cumbria ).

bibbitybobbityyhat Tue 09-Feb-16 08:32:03

I walk outdoors for the sake of my mental health, and I love it. I can't run as I have a badly broken ankle which is held together with metal. I love walking, and when I do it regularly I definitely feel happier and when I feel happier I eat better.

I never lose weight though, but that's just me and my bastard thyroid.

suzannecaravaggio Tue 09-Feb-16 11:48:53

You can create a calorie deficit with walking
Something like 70 cals per mile iirc
Of course you could easily eat back what you used upwink

Slowprogress Wed 10-Feb-16 07:19:13

Thank you all for the replies, I was planning to eat fewer calories as well as walking for weight loss. When my shoulder is better I would be happy to go to classes like Zumba etc but I really am in a lot of pain at the moment and I really want to make a start now and my keep putting it off!

Ellieboolou27 Wed 10-Feb-16 08:34:46

I lost almost 2st walking fast paced for 5 miles three times a week, I walked a few hills to over those miles, watch what u eat too but walking (as long as it's a good pace) is very good, I'm apple shaped and walking helped my tummy

LizzieMacQueen Wed 10-Feb-16 08:43:09

Walking also helps by keeping you out of the house and away from the kitchen!

Higge Thu 11-Feb-16 12:11:04

Try pilates for core strength - the right instructor should mindfully modify exercises to ensure you go easy on your neck and shoulder.

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