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Anyone tried the one week shred?

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Dogadviceneeded Sun 07-Feb-16 15:41:59

I did 30DS back in December, now halfway through RI30 and really enjoying it. I've built up some muscle and lost a bit of weight (the weight loss only really happened when I started low carbing also). Annoyingly the muscles are still pretty well hidden under a layer of fat!

I have quite a few days of annual leave to use up before the end of March and am toying with the idea of taking a week off to do the one week shred (in combination with sticking strictly to the diet). Am I kidding myself that this would make a big difference? Or is there any other one week plan I could consider?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

OwlCurrency Sun 07-Feb-16 15:45:03

It's hard! But not impossible. Especially if you have been building up to it with other Jillian workouts.

By day three or four, you will feel absolutely invincible!

Dogadviceneeded Sun 07-Feb-16 15:45:13

Oh and if it makes a difference, I'm currently 10 stone ish and 5'6" tall. I'd love to get to about 9 stone 7 or a bit less for the summer (although I appreciate that this won't happen in a week!) as well as improving my muscle definition.

OwlCurrency Sun 07-Feb-16 20:51:39

I don't think you lose so much weight with exercise. But you can gain so much strength and definition. Concentrate on getting fitter.

Dogadviceneeded Mon 08-Feb-16 04:30:40

Thanks Owl. Did you stick to it for the whole 7 days? Do you think it made a noticeable difference?

OwlCurrency Mon 08-Feb-16 12:38:50

I did it for about four days, but found it hard after that to fit two workouts in. If you are off work, it should be doable.

Yes, it does make a big difference. Especially if you eat very healthily at the same time.

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