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Exercise at Home

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rich78 Fri 05-Feb-16 19:14:46

I don't have time to get to the gym so have a cross trainer and rowing machine at home but finding it hard to find the motivation to exercise. Does anybody have any tips?

confusedandemployed Sat 06-Feb-16 07:19:59

Tbh I think if you wait for motivation you could be waiting a long time! The trick with exercise, IME, is to get started. It's so much easier after the first time.

Can you stick one of the machines in front of the TV, stick on a good show and just get going? Or a good podcast if you can't see the telly.

If you think too much about exercising you'll always find a reason to not bother. The trick is, as they say, to "Just Do It". wink

Clarella Sat 06-Feb-16 07:32:46

Just from random experience myself, I got into skipping as easy to do in back yard (couldn't do more than a few minutes at first at all! Also do a couple of times a week at first to help legs become accustomed) - I now find it extremely good for a quick cardio. I'd count sets of 20 skips to 100, then try to see how many sets I could get to!

Trust me I'm a dr on bbc had some simple muscle strengthening things to try at home on their website.

Katy Bowman of Katy says (Nutritious movement) has lots of ideas and tips but it can take a while to wade through it all as there's just so much! She's into swinging (grinnot that sort) so a door bar could be good.

I think stairs can be useful; I used to step up and down pushing weights into the air (no idea if good or not!).

If you careful about posture etc, things like scrubbing the floor can be an excellent work out! Lynne Robson's pilates had a really technical app (do pay but like a mini book with videos) to explain lots about basic posture, as does Katy Bowman.

I also like to do handstands against the wall. Seems to help upper body strength and my wrists. (Katy has a way of learning how to in a door way)

It is possible to turn your home into a gym with little to no extra equipment. Pilates ball could be helpful too (Google things to do on that)

Clarella Sat 06-Feb-16 07:33:57

blush totally mis read your question....

But maybe these ideas will be more enjoyable than the cross trainer?! blushblushconfusedgrin

chutneypig Sat 06-Feb-16 07:40:24

I'd say not to set yourself up a huge challenge. When I started out exercising more I'd do five or ten minutes and I would do it because it didn't seem a huge hurdle. And I'd do it more because it was easier to fit in and not a big mental hurdle. Then it got to be a habit and I noticed I was feeling fitter and kept going. Particularly with equipment like you have, I often do more than the minimum time once I've got going.

Ouch44 Sat 06-Feb-16 07:43:07

Schedule it! Put it in your phone and set reminders. So say Saturday 8.00 am, Tues 7.30 pm etc is the time you do 30 mins on the cross trainer and try and stick to it.

I am the biggest lazy arse ever with zero motivation. I go to group PT and Zumba with friends as they make me go!

Unescorted Sat 06-Feb-16 07:43:11

I have set times when I do my exercise - just as if I was going to a gym class.

lavendersun Sat 06-Feb-16 07:51:24

I have got a cross trainer, bought it after I knackered my knee skiing.

I hated it because I found it so boring - the only way I could endure it for the first few months was to watch something amusing on my iPad.

Once it becomes a habit it will be easier. Start gently, 15 mins will do to begin with.

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