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Fitbit help please!

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elizalovelace Mon 01-Feb-16 06:45:16

I bought a fitbit flex at the weekend to help me lose another 4 stone, I have lost a stone so far so treated myself, however I'm really struggling to understand how to use it. For example it appears to only allow me 800 calories a day?? That can't be right? I'm using it on DH Hudl as my phone to old to support it or Mfp, but Mfp doesn't seem to work on Hudl either very well so please can anyone tell my how I can manually imput my calorie goal of 1200 daily into fitbit? And why does it tell me I'm over budget when I've only consumed a few calories? Grateful for any help... Sorry did try help line but still mystery why always over budget. confused

SquadGoals Mon 01-Feb-16 07:29:41

On the iPhone app, go into Account and then Nutrition and Body.

You can set different calorie deficits there. Based on my height and weight, I should burn about 1700 calories with no exercise so have set a 500 calorie deficit, bringing me in at 1200.

Re the over budget, are you eating a lot in the morning? The Fitbit calculates from midnight to midnight and assumes you burn calories evenly. If you're eating a lot for breakfast, your expended calories haven't caught up yet.

DH has a huge breakfast but no lunch, so he is normally over budget at 9/10am, but has expended enough energy/calories to be back in budget by lunchtime.

elizalovelace Mon 01-Feb-16 07:51:22

Thank you for advice, I can't use iPhone app because my fone won't update more than ois7 which isn't enough I need to have ois8. I have a grapefruit for breakfast and green tea so less than 200 calories.i didn't realise my phone wasn't updated enough when I bought fitbit also I need ois 8 to get Mfp. Not due new few till contract ends in sept. Thanks again.

elizalovelace Mon 01-Feb-16 07:52:53

*new phone doh!

elizalovelace Mon 01-Feb-16 08:00:14

Just realised the app will be on Hudl I think? DH has it at work at mo so will try change calorie goal from there I hope.

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