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Tough Mudder

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Whathaveilost Sun 31-Jan-16 13:34:13

I am posting for ideas for a training regime for my 19 year old son. He's asked if any one has suggestions or can share their experiences of doing TM.

He is currently going spinning 3 mornings a week and going mountain biking at weekends but knows he has to up his fitness and strength bySeptember.

YeOldeTrout Sun 31-Jan-16 13:39:30

never heard of 'em before
From what I read he needs to be running & climbing not cycling

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sun 31-Jan-16 13:49:06

What's the distance?

I'm 47 and find them fairly 'easy'. Which one is it?

kua Sun 31-Jan-16 13:57:27

I've done two. Normally they are around 10-13 miles.

I would concentrate on running esp off road and preferably get some hills in.

Upper body strength is key in getting up/over various obstacles so weight training is good. Also see if there is an outdoor obstacle course near you that has monkey bars.

Though no training will prepare you for the electric shocks or the artic anaema!

There are various suggested training regimes for TM online.

Though many do it alone it is better fun as a team.

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