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Help! Need to get rid of c-section 'pouch' by June

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mrsvilliers Sat 30-Jan-16 22:35:07

I've been inspired to post by another thread on c-section pouches over on Childbirth. Basically after two section I've been left with an fatty apron or pouch that hangs over my scar. I run twice a week for 45 minutes, walk 8,000-10,000 steps per day (school run) am a size 12 and generally happy with my shape.
However I am being a bridesmaid for an old friend in June and today we tried on the bridesmaid dresses, the appearance of the pouch was not a welcome addition blush although lovely friend said she couldn't see it (DH on the other hand, not so tactful...) It has been bothering me for a while so thought I might use the wedding to try ans target.

When dc2 was young I asked my GP about it, and she said the only way to get rid would be to do hardcore abdominal exercises when I had properly healed. So my question is what?!! Ideally I need something I can fit in while dc2 (now 2yo) naps as have to fit in anything else (classes/runs etc) around DH's commute and work hours. Any help or advice much appreciated!

KP86 Sat 30-Jan-16 22:49:37

Can't help with the exercise side, but will shape wear hide it better?

Wardrobespierre Sat 30-Jan-16 22:53:03

I work out hard. I have very good abs. Toned, really well defined. I am a size 8.

I've also had two cs and the overhang. It will never go without surgery.

I'm sure you can make a difference but I think getting rid entirely is unlikely.

TheABC Sat 30-Jan-16 23:02:14

I swore by the mutu system last year (stopped it due to DC2 on the way). It can be done at home and fitted around your schedule. All classes, demos etc are online with a supportive Facebook group. It will definitely help minimise the pouch. But you may have to address eating habits as well to totally get rid of it (mutu looks at core, posture, alignment and diet).

If it does not appeal, try pilates or toga as both involve a lot of core work.

mrsvilliers Sat 30-Jan-16 23:17:05

KP86 shape wear is definitely an option although I think it will just 'solidify' if that makes sense?!

Wardrobespierre thanks for your honesty, I suspected as much so I think the main aim is to reduce as much as possible. No plans to go under surgery again any time soon!

TheABC Thank you! I will check that method out as I know my posture is bad. Incidentally, I did mat pilates after section with dc1 due to a muscle knot in the scar that was causing me pain. It helped with that but I didn't notice any ab toning, do you know if reformer pilates might be a better bet?

KP86 Sun 31-Jan-16 18:15:24

If you lift your tummy up inside the shape wear (sorry for the gory image) you can usually even out the bump a little instead of it all being down the bottom.

YeOldeTrout Sun 31-Jan-16 18:51:21

girdle, spandex, there are solutions

mrsvilliers Mon 01-Feb-16 10:12:25

I am definitely open to shape wear (and thanks for the tip KP86 at least it can be moulded to some extent shock) but I also think I'd like to address the actual problem, just in case I ever get whisked off on an island getaway by DH and don't have to keep tucking it into my gap skinnies when I do the zip up

ThatsNotMyRabbit Mon 01-Feb-16 10:41:44

Unfortunately you can diet and exercise as much as you like but it won't get rid of a c section apron.

It's SKIN. Like a deflated balloon it will never be the same again.

Shape wear helps but I had a tummy tuck in the end.

mrsvilliers Mon 01-Feb-16 10:57:34

Hmmm mine's fat ThatsNotMyRabbit to me when I'm lying down it feels as though they cut out too much under the scar, then stitched too tightly, so it bulges out over, but it is definitely fat. I'm hopeful that re-engaging the muscles beneath it would help burn the fat away but I don't know how to do that!

mrsvilliers Mon 01-Feb-16 10:59:54

I did check out the Mutu method but that is for diastasis rectI which is not my issue. Maybe I need to fork out for personal trainer.

Wardrobespierre Mon 01-Feb-16 18:38:11

I had a diastasis recti and used the Tupler Technique to close it. It did nothing to the pouch.

I have very little abdominal fat. The pouch is still there. It is stitched tight and the skin is stretched. The fat might pad it out, but the apron won't go. It's the skin and stitching which prevents that.

Toning that area will help but you can't target fat loss for that area alone. You'd need to do all over weight loss.

If you'd like a very good approach to lower abdominal toning, Ed Lumsden is brilliant. He's Davina McCall's PT so if you got either of her two most recent DVDs, you'd be making a good investment. 5 Week Fit is the new one and it has a whole 5 Week programme included. I do recommend it.

Jillian Michael's 6 Week 6 Pack is ace too but doesn't target lower abs in the same way.

mrsvilliers Tue 02-Feb-16 10:29:00

And that's 5 Week Fit ordered, thank you Wardrobespierre! I did wonder about overall weight loss too, I'm at the upper end of my acceptable size so will take this on board and see what the dvd and shifting some pounds do.

nicepetstone Tue 02-Feb-16 10:41:29

Worth losing a bit of weight if you can: maybe cut some carbs? (don't - thtry anything drastic tho) if you do the shapewear might flatten it out a bit better! I an resigned to my apron now after 20 years - avoid stretch jeans and love chinos. Its definitely more conspicuous when im fatter. But don't let it get you down, you'll look gorgeous anyway! (as i hope your dh went on to say!!)

nicepetstone Tue 02-Feb-16 10:49:21

Oh and by 'resigned' I don't mean I tried everything - I've tried almost nothing because basically I am quite lazy and not that bothered by it, not being especially svelte anyway wink

mrsvilliers Fri 05-Feb-16 12:29:05

Nicepetstone I will most likely cut out sugar, my main meals are reasonably healthy but I am a sugar addict so cutting it out usually does the trick!

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