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ohisay Sun 24-Jan-16 10:31:02

Just did day one with my 7 year old and we really enjoyed it smile I did 3 weeks with my friend previously but I let life get in the way. I am very unfit and need to loose at least 2 stone (which still puts me towards the top end of healthy)
Has anyone else recently started (or re started!) c25k?
I'm keen to involve my children as much as possible, I will also take my 4 year old when we next go, he can ride his bike and my daughter can choose whether to jog or cycle.
Does anyone else do fitness and involve their children? What sort of thing do you do? We enjoy walking as a family which we intend to do more of.

chutneypig Sun 24-Jan-16 16:53:08

Running here. I finished C25k last spring after several repeat efforts to do it. My kids were so excited by watching my first charity 5k that they badgered me to do our local junior parkrun. They started doing the 5k parkrun too, they're a similar age to your DD, and then badgered DH to start as I'm too slow to run with.

I can honestly say it's changed our lives. I've never been the worlds most natural exerciser but we're out running nearly every weekend and they want to go out in the week when it gets lighter. They'll often do exercise DVDs with me too.

CMOTDibbler Sun 24-Jan-16 16:53:26

Well done on doing day1 - thats the hardest step!

We cycle together, run together (parkrun or a 5km run max for ds(9) though - I go further), and swim together.
Before ds could run far enough he'd cycle or scoot, and we've built up cycling slowly so he can now do 50 miles, though routine family rides are more 20-30 miles with a cake stop smile. At swimming I can leave ds while I do lengths and then he'll join me for 100m at a time then play again

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