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SuperFlyHigh Sat 23-Jan-16 21:21:57

I'm probably procrastinating a bit. Want to tone up and preferably lose half to 1 stone.

Did have gym passes booked at 2 gyms (Pure Gyms and Fitness First) - I'm erring more on Fitness First as it has a pool and sauna and the Pure Gym doesn't.

I'm really more into classes than gym machines though I may try them. Certainly no weights.

I need someone to give me a kick up the behind. Have just been pigging out in January all too easy. Doesn't help I pulled a muscle in my lower forearm carrying a too heavy bag...

Anyone got any tips for getting me going or motivating me? One colleague (both gyms are near work) has said he'll go with me to the Pure Gym as he's a member.

MrsHarveySpecter Sun 24-Jan-16 17:15:15

Have you heard of Pact App? May help. You use the app to pledge to go to the gym however many times a week and check in via the app (used GPS) when you get there. So long as you are there for at least 30mins you get that visit credited. The kick is that if you don't attend you get charged however much you've pledged (minimum US$5) I think - but of you do keep to your pledge you earn money. It won't make you rich (depending on how many healthy activities you do) you get a dollar or so a week, but it adds up. Also syncs with apps like RunKeeper and with Fitbit.

I used it when I needed an incentive to get back to the gym after DD2 and now I'm back to exercising five days a week.

carrie74 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:28:58

There is NO WAY I could be motivated to go to a gym 3 times a week. I do live rurally though so getting to a decent gym would be a 20min drive minimum. The motivation for me is how it all makes me feel: virtuous straight away, and more energised later (and eventually the outer effects on the body, but to me that's just a handy side-effect).

The hardest bit to working out is getting started, so my advice is to JUST FUCKING DO IT! grin. Honestly though, you'll feel great if you just do even half an hour.

And PS, I think weights are fantastic: you'll see really fast results, and I don't find it nearly as painful as an hour's cardio.

SuperFlyHigh Sun 24-Jan-16 19:20:17

MrsHarvey I'll see if Pact Is available in UK - sounds like what I need! I think I'll get a Fit Bit too.

carrie74 I agree it's all about doing it... And I've been super busy these past few weeks so doing the gym passes has been not on my to do list.

I agree re weights and think I need to get someone to show me what to do... I've got a friend who swears by them but she doesn't live/work near me... She did come to me to the gym and show me how to use the machines and if I join Fitness First I'll see if I can use another gym nearer both of us so she can show me what to do again.

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