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Lost my exercise mojo

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foofooyeah Thu 21-Jan-16 20:36:47

Although being somewhat overweight I was really getting into my fitness last year.
Completed 4 X 4 week boot camps (every week day at 6am!). Took a bit of a break towards the end of the year but regularly doing spinning / pump / barre fit classes.

Since the new year I have lost my mojo. Just been doing an occasional circuit class, but keep booking other classes and then cancelling them.

I'm not very good at working out at the gym on my own.

I have also been quite tired recently and don't feel up to the 6am class.

Any good ideas please?

carrie74 Sun 24-Jan-16 17:39:05

Can you find a friend to go with so neither of you wants to let the other down? Do you have The Fear of going back after a spell and the pain (I know that feeling very well)? The best thing is just to do something. Often once you're out of the house, you'll do a bit more, and then you can be smug that you over-achieved.

GettinTrimmer Tue 26-Jan-16 07:10:15

Short bursts of exercise? Maybe something like Davina's 7 minute workout to get you started again.

foofooyeah Thu 28-Jan-16 22:43:24

Thanks for the suggestions. I hadnt actually thought of trying something at home.
One of the trainers from the gym rang me yesterday as hadn't seen me for a while so am going in for a chat and work out some interesting programmes .... Nice of him to call.

Whathaveilost Sat 30-Jan-16 20:05:06

I have been the same for about 8 months.

I went back to the gym (believe it or not) two days after DS1 was born 19 years ago and same with DS2 and exercised ever since. ( and for years before I got pregnant, i used to be an aerobic teacher as we were called back in the day) I've always loved exercise classes since I was about 19 and I am 50 now.
Things took a turn for me when I started having a bad time at work last summer ( still on going) DS1 has been trying to get me to go to the gym with him or with him and his gf but I can't be arsed.
DS has asked me to join in with Tough Mudder or at least do some training with him.
I have very slowly made a start and went to spinning last week and bloody loved it. I immediately booked my self on for the following day.
I am not quite there with being fully enthusiastic again but I am slowly making a start back. I think you may just have to bite the bullet and go to one class and slowly take it from there.

Bedsheets4knickers Mon 01-Feb-16 21:34:42

I suffer with this . I have weeks of loving it weeks of having to force myself through the door . My way is I have 3 classes I do and have done for years mon circuits fri pump sun spin . When I'm hating it I take the days of In-between, when I'm loving it I book classes on the other days . So pick 2/3 of the classes u like most and make them an absolute must every week . I find after a break getting the 1st foot through the door the hardest

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