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Sprained ankle, can't run, need cheering up :(

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fromheretomaternity Wed 20-Jan-16 21:34:28

I've entered my first half marathon in early May but a few days ago I went out for a run, felt a twinge in my ankle that didn't go away afterwards, and ever since it's been sore and a bit swollen - appears to be a sprain (I didn't obviously twist it or fall, so not quite sure how it happened)

I know i have no choice but to rest it but am feeling so fed up and I saw on some website it can be several weeks before I should run again.... which wouldn't leave me enough time to prepare for the race.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself sad any tips on how to recover quickly? How long might it take?

suzannecaravaggio Wed 20-Jan-16 23:59:28

sounds like a fairly mild sprain, see how it feels, might not take too long

you could do some other cardio for a while to keep your fitness levels up

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