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Dance trainer recommendations?

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Wasn't quite sure where to put this!

Anyway, starting zumba/dance type classes soon for a bit of fun along with the rest.

Need some trainers, obviously dance ones as the soles on normal ones will be no good for twists etc

Any recommendations? Want some nice looking ones with a dash of colour. Been a while since I done anything similar so thinking cushioned heels would be a good idea for now,rather than flatter ones.

Don't want to spend too much on them, still have the rest of my kit to buy yet!


balletgirlmum Mon 11-Jan-16 18:36:23

Have to admit I've not heard of people buying dance trainers just for a Zumba class.

Proper split sole Jazz trainers are quite expensive but they are meant to aid specific moves like Jazz pirouttes. Most dancers I know buy them from specialist dance shoe shops.

balletgirlmum Mon 11-Jan-16 18:42:48

Well from googling it appears both Bloch & Freed have got in on the act & are selling them with a "spin spot".

They are both very good makes but whilst I'm prepared to pay £40-60 for Jazz shoes for dd who dances 6 days a week at a fairly high level not sure id feel itvwas worth it for a once a week class.

Apparently they do,due to sudden twist of the legs and the fact it's Latin dance based, so you need slip to reduce risk of hurting yourself!

Didn't know myself until I looked!

chipsandpeas Mon 11-Jan-16 18:44:26

ive been doing zumba for years and me and 99% of people in my class just wear normal trainers

Interesting. I've been told by various instructors to get dance trainers (although apparently some cross ones can be ok) and have heard from people who have been hurt or fallen due to normal trainers.

Although, apparently the floor used makes a difference too so that needs to be taken into consideration.

balletgirlmum Mon 11-Jan-16 18:47:02

Is be dubious of that myself. I think it's just a marketing ploy. And you're talking to the woman whose dd owns almost £200 of dance shoes of different genres.

balletgirlmum Mon 11-Jan-16 18:49:18

Split sole dance trainers are generally not worn by beginners (except those who want to look cool & don't like the style of full sole shoes) as they don't have arch support so you need to build up strength.

I'm not sure. From previous experience I know I wouldn't want to be twisting the feet and legs so much in normal trainers, but I guess it also varies class by class as they all differ in their impact and how dancey they are.

I'll only wear trainers for this anyway, so it's not as if it will be an additional outlay as I don't own any trainers as it isgrin

Was looking at some Bloch ones on Amazon, so will look at them again

balletgirlmum Mon 11-Jan-16 18:50:32

Watch the sizings - they are a bit odd

MrsMook Mon 11-Jan-16 22:16:32

I do zumba type classes in a regular cross trainer. I know people who are instructors and they look for cushioning in the front half of the foot and general cushioning, rather than a running style which is designed for impact in the heel. But that's about it.

Queenbean Sun 17-Jan-16 16:28:36

It depends on the floor, they have just put rubber floors in to my gym which provides too much grip with normal trainers. It can damage your ankles and knees if you twist in your trainers but your shoes stick to the ground and the rest of your body moves

I do Zumba in my dance boots and it's great, they don't have very much grip and given that you should be doing about 90% of moves with the weight on your toes anyway, the arch support thing shouldn't be an issue

I'd go with something like this

It's a solid enough dance trainer to give support. Definitely do not just use normal jazz shoes, you need a dance boot or trainer that gives more support

Thanks Queen nice to have a reply from someone who gets it!

I was actually looking at those but with a red criss cross on Amazon. So may go with them.

There was a flatter/non split sole pair I was considering too but I'm not sure how cushioned they are tbh

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