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Fav Fitness Classes?

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SKLily Sat 09-Jan-16 13:14:01

I'm a total fan of the basic Yoga and Pilates, but spinning scares me since I have NO stamina! What are your fav classes and the ones you run from??

nbee84 Sat 09-Jan-16 16:13:19

Love body pump. Enjoy spinning. Quite like classes like body conditioning and core strength. Insanity and body combat are so intense that I normally talk myself out of doing them, but if I do go I actually quite enjoy them. Yoga and pilates I find a bit boring. It's not that I find them easy (quite hard some of the exercises) but I feel like I haven't done a proper workout if I haven't worked up a sweat, wrong mindset really and I ought to try and fit 1 or 2 classes a week in.

confusedandemployed Sat 09-Jan-16 16:22:07

I still love a good, high impact Zumba class. Also circuits, Insanity, boxfit, traditional aerobics. Less keen on body pump although I do do it (I just find it a bit boring). Don't like spinning. It's just not me, although I don't find it a struggle - you can adjust to suit your fitness level anyway.

PhoebeMcPeePee Sat 09-Jan-16 19:45:57

I love Insanity, circuits & body attack but hate spinning despite being a cyclist. I find yoga/Pilates really dull although have only ever done pre& post natal versions.

Queenbean Sun 17-Jan-16 16:32:56

I love body pump, spinning and Zumba / dance classes, and also hot yoga

The key for me is finding a good class. I hate spin where they put on an 8 minute track and have everyone plodding along at the same speed and resistance. Likewise, I hate Zumba when it's just someone yelling SHAKE IT, I like it when they have some proper dance training

Insanity / circuit etc scares me and I hate doing it. I did do some boxing with my PT as well which I really enjoyed. Hated everything else he made me do though!

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