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just bought a fitbit flex how do I join the mn group?

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cleanmachine Sat 09-Jan-16 10:39:50

Morning. I've just orchard a fitbit flex on amazon at a fab price. It arrives tnrw. Can anyone signpost me to the mn fitbit group so I can join it? Is it a friendly group?

Anyone else got any fitbit flex tips for me? I'm hoping to restart long walking to help me lose a few pounds but more importantly to improve my mood as have been feeling a bit low lately.

cleanmachine Sun 10-Jan-16 12:15:15

I found the group and joined. Now just need some friends so I can challenge myself. Can anyone add me?

cleanmachine Mon 11-Jan-16 11:23:39


Higge Tue 12-Jan-16 18:44:47

Just click on pics of members and at the top of their profile it says "add friend" click and send invite

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