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Hula Hoop

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2rebecca Wed 06-Jan-16 23:46:10

I've never been able to Hula Hoop until I went to a 30 minute class on holiday. I got the hang of it then in a limited sort of way so today bought a weighted padded hoop. Had a go today for 10 min in total and felt a bit sore straight after but no bruising and OK now.
Any experienced hoopers to give me tips on how long to do it for to make a difference to my core? I also run and cycle but do need toning up round the middle and a strong core is supposed to help off road running.
In the class the woman could walk with it (no space) and go up and downand do other complex things I can't remember but that I failed at. Do people who hula regularly do that sort of stuff or just stand there for 10 minutes or so wiggling? It gets a bit boring.

dementedpixie Thu 07-Jan-16 14:36:56

I go to a 45 minute powerhoop class twice a week. Hooping tracks are alternated with other tracks that incorporate leg and arm exercises so you get a full body workout. We do arm and leg moves while hooping and can go up and down a step, turn around in a circle, etc too. It is more fun in a group setting. Could you look for local classes or look on YouTube for hooping ideas

eastwest Thu 14-Jan-16 22:21:20

I wouldn't describe myself as an experienced hooper at all, but have been going to classes fairly regularly since last year. I love it. The tutor is really good and even though I am by no means fit or co-ordinated or good at any of the moves, I feel as if I do improve week on week. Our tutor demonstrates a range of moves/ tricks that involve using different parts of the body so you get a whole body workout, but the main focus is having fun and getting into the 'flow'. It's just fun, a great atmosphere. I think if you are finding it boring then it probably just isn't your thing, and you'd be better off with an abs class at a gym or similar.

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