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Dorsetmama Sun 03-Jan-16 07:36:07

I am fairly overweight. I dont know figures, but in the realm of 14 stone and im only 5'2". Yes.

I walk daily as i have no car, and school runs are at least 2 miles a day, if not more depending if i do both school runs. Although i have to say, when i am actually with the kids, it is rather slow. No enthusiasm for school here.

I dont have much free time, have 4 kids so I have to do all my Mum and House stuff whilst they are at school, plus there always seems to be an appointment to do.

Despite the walking, i appear to be fairly unfit.
I have asthma so it can be a challenge to be out of breath.
I have knee joint problems so i find running painful to say the least.
I also have a lower back problem.... All of this makes me not want to exercise much or push my body.... And i tend to start getting anxiety if i do!!

I feel like i am in a vicious circle.

Food wise, i try to eat well. When pmt strikes it all goes out of the window though. I also have ibs so that means i cant eat tomato based food, bell peppers, spicy food, lettuce, celery, and acidic fruit.

Id like to lose a bit of weight, mainly try to shrink the belly and thighs and arms.

Can it be done on limited time? Am i going to be exhausted?

Thefitfatty Sun 03-Jan-16 07:46:30

It depends what resources you have and how much time you have. If you can go to a gym I'm sure a personal trainer can give you a good short routine. If not could you possibly by some free weights to use at home? If you get those you can find loads of videos on youtube that will give you 30 minutes exercise routines, many that will even be good for strengthening your back muscles (having a weak core is a major reason for lower back pain) and weightlifting won't be hard on your knees.

losing fat is primarily diet though, so you need to be sure that you are eating healthy. I've been doing a low carb/high fat diet and find it pretty easy to follow.

lljkk Sun 03-Jan-16 07:54:24

Swimming, our local pool does noon lanes sessions for adults, every week day in term time, plus 7-8am every day. Soft on joints and you can set whatever targets seem possible. How many lengths can you do in 45 minutes? etc.

lavendersun Sun 03-Jan-16 08:03:59

I use nordic poles when I walk my dog. They give a cross country ski type effect. Walking is fantastic if you are out of shape.

Try walking briskly home, even power walking or buy some poles. Try to walk for 20 mins extra - or 10 or 15, just step up the pace a bit. That way you are only looking for ten or fifteen extra minutes (probably the time you take to drive to a gym), no big cash investment either.

Find some simple, gentle, pilates type stretches that you can do for lower back pain and do them twice a day. Nothing extreme. Just laying on the floor and holding your knees to your chest for a few breaths, releasing and repeat type things helps. I know, my lower back has been slammed to the floor several times when falling off my horse and I stretch daily, really notice it if if I don't.

See the asthma nurse, I have asthma but it is well controlled despite cold air triggering it.

Give a diet a go - 5:2 looks very easy, DH & I have decided to give it a go just for the health benefits (does amazing things for blood chemistry) after watching the programme on BBC catch up after Christmas. Neither of us need to lose weight but the programme convinced us to do it.

puppydogmummy Sun 03-Jan-16 08:32:56

Dorsetmama you and I have a lot in common! I lost a good bit of weight thru slimming world but have put most of it back on. Am feeling quite concerned about my health ( sore hips knees and asthma worse) thinking about trying Pilates as there's a class where I work, and boosting the walking. Just want to say good luck, and let us know how you're getting on!

DottyBee Sun 03-Jan-16 09:07:21

OP, have you had your thyroid checked?

Dorsetmama Sun 03-Jan-16 15:47:13

I had my thyroid checked a couple of years ago and it was fine. I have low blood pressure. Thats the only other medical problem i have.
Swimming sounds great, i think i have to bite down and pretend no one wants to stare at me wearing a costume.... Which they dont... But i still feel like they do... Even though they dont!!
Weights is something i could deffo do at home and never considered it before.
Pilates stretches sound gentle... I'll look it up.
I dont know about the 5:2 diet.... My doc recommended the Paleo diet, but its a bit pricey tbh.... All that meat.

MrsMook Sun 03-Jan-16 17:09:51

I had a phase of gaining weight when I walked 6 miles a day, 1 each way at a brisk pace, and another 4 mooching around my work place. It tired me out, and I had sweet cravings that negated the calorie burning benefits.

Can you increase the benefit of the school run by using hand weights or in increasing the pace with bikes/ scooters?

Exercise DVDs or going for short brisk walks would be simple to slot around your days. Building muscle strength and reducing some weight will help with joint problems and pains. Exercise like pilates or yoga are low impact and good for strength (but not short term calorie burn)

My sympathies with the IBS. I have a couple of foods that I have to control intake of. DS has to avoid tomatoes, and it's surprisingly restrictive!

It's worth having a review of what and how much you eat and drink and see if there are some habits to adjust.

Dorsetmama Sun 03-Jan-16 17:26:41

Yes i can review my esting habits.
I have alot going on at the moment, but i feel if i just mske small changes somewhere then i dont need to put pressure on myself for everything at once

Dorsetmama Sun 03-Jan-16 17:27:59

Eating not esting.

So.... Main points to consider....
Check diet
Walk quicker
Build strength at home
Possible exercise dvds
Pilates for stretchiness

carrie74 Sun 03-Jan-16 18:33:58

I only have 2 DC (both at school), so less challenging, but I work out at home (I also see a PT fortnightly to keep me on the straight and narrow, but understand that could be cost-restrictive, although you may want to consider a few sessions to get started. In fact years ago, I saw a PT once a month for about 3 months just to keep me going and monitor my progress).

So at home, I use FitnessBlender videos (which are free, and fantastic for selecting how long you want to work, at what intensity, with what equipment etc. it was recommended on here, and I've not looked back). I have a set of hand weights from Argos or somewhere (1.5, 3 and 5kg), a mat (not really necessary, but I find it more comfortable when lying on my back), and the recent addition of a kettlebell (again not necessary).

I'm also currently intrigued by The Body Coach, and he does loads of You Tube videos for HIIT stuff, plus has a book out of delicious looking easy to cook food. Worth looking at his website, as I think you can sign up to a taster fortnight for free. I follow him on FB, and he posts loads of tips there.

Good luck!

Dorsetmama Sun 03-Jan-16 22:01:55

I deffo cant afford a PT.
Im happy to invest in low cost home equipment, as long as its not bulky.
So a mat and weights is a good idea.
Is it necessary to wear trainers when doing indoor exercise?

MelanieCheeks Sun 03-Jan-16 22:05:08

Losing weight is all about the food. Concentrate on that, and your portion sizes, before you even think about exercise programs.

Dorsetmama Mon 04-Jan-16 04:15:13

Thanks Melanie

Thefitfatty Mon 04-Jan-16 05:51:33

dorestmama no you don't need trainers at home to do yoga, pilates or weightlifting (unless you are more comfortable wearing them, up to you). You can buy a basic weight set, or kettlebells and a mat. I didn't watch this all the way through, but here's a link to a 30 minute weight training video:

You can do this three times a week, then maybe through in some pilates or core exercises 2 days a week, combined with your walking, this should get you fit.

Frankly, I found focusing on my exercise and fitness much easier then focusing on a diet at first. Then, the more fit I got, the more inclined I was to eat better. Everyone is different though.

Dorsetmama Mon 04-Jan-16 09:24:53

Thanks thefitfatty when kids go back to school tomorrow I'll make an action plan!

MoonDuke Mon 04-Jan-16 13:49:00

I've been feeling shit for months. Totally exhausted. Energy slumps and generally no energy.

After reading a thread on MN I decided to give up sugar. Just the obvious added sugar (not fruit/bread/pasta etc.)

Beginning of December I gave up all biscuits, chocolate, cake, fruit juice, squash and limited myself to 2 small pieces of fruit a day.

For the first week when I wanted a snack I had something savoury like cheese or crisps.

By the second week I didn't even want to snack between meals anymore!!!!

I feel loads better and no longer have any energy slumps mid-morning / mid-afternoon / early evening. And most amazingly of all I don't want to eat chocolate!!! shock

Even over Christmas the only thing sweet I ate was one slice of Christmas cake, and one slice of cheesecake. I really regretted the cheesecake as it gave me bad sugar cravings the next day but by the following day I'd gotten over it.

I've lost 1.5kg without making any effort at all.

I'm now going to start exercising now I've found some energy!

Dorsetmama Mon 04-Jan-16 14:19:52

Wow thats an achievement!
Im going to keep a food diary over Jan to see what I eat.

LisaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Jan-16 14:28:42

Wishing you well with this Dorsetmama - keep looking at yourself in the mirror and saying 'You're amazing!' Works every time for me. And also remember the first ten minutes of any exercise session are always the hardest (the so-called 'toxic ten') so just grit your teeth and get through them, knowing it WILL get easier in the end. Also, two sessions a week maintains fitness, whereas three increases it, so aim for three if you can. Good luck - you'll be surprised how quickly you get fitter.

Dorsetmama Mon 04-Jan-16 20:39:36

Thank you lisamumsnet its nice to find encouragement

carrie74 Tue 05-Jan-16 13:41:00

The PT I saw every month was very cheap - I think I paid £50 for 4 sessions (granted this was 10 years ago). It was through the council gym rather than a private gym, where PT sessions are more expensive. I pay £30 a session now (but with a PT who runs his own business).

carrie74 Tue 05-Jan-16 13:41:35

Also, my PT offers sessions for 2 people which would bring the cost down (overall it's more per hour, but split between you it's less).

Dorsetmama Tue 05-Jan-16 19:51:34

Maybe its worth investigating that carrie

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